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Front vents not working replaced both actuators on the driver side replaced climate control resister and still nothing
just bought vehicle. has 111,000 miles on it. saw problem on way home from dealer. i know nothing about vehicles
Is this a common problem for 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE ?
Fuel pump runs when key is on. No spark anywhere
Replaced vss didn't help still sticky speedometer is it my cluster?
It’s overheating I think it might be the water pump going out
It doesn’t overheat all the time he sees only do it when it’s idling in the aisle and goes up and down which indicates maybe a sensor but I also need to know where the water pump is located I think is right beside the reservoir the coolant reservoir
Need to know why the water pump would fail
Added freon just to verify no leake and system charged. It is!!! Compressor works just fine engages ad kicks off as needed. Blows fine for a day or two and then blows hot air for weeks. I have a 7 month old baby and 2 other children this is a 2016 model and manufactured 06/15 which I believe had a recall. This is getting old can I please get some help to what this may be. If I need to tear the dash apart and change the actuators I will. Just need to know if that's what they are having issues with now.
I have a 2004 gmc envoy xuv,and i would like to know how far the rear tailgate will swing out and can I make it swing out further?
I turn the the 2 wheel drive switch back and forth 4lo then it will drive for a min then I have to cut it off and do it again
ABS fuse appears good
Need a cost est on how much it’ll cost to fix, and a shop in my area .
2012 GMC Acadia occasionally has a miss and shaking feeling usually at 2 rpms. It also has trouble with power at initial take off but eventually goes good - aside form the shaking/missing.
Rear air works better than front front air hot how do i repair blender door
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