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To set the time on the radio
i have an 03 gmc envoy xlt v8 and 02 chevy trailblazer v8 can i replace the envoy ac compressor with the one from the trailblazer
My 2013 GMC Sierra won’t start or none of the gauges will come on like the fuel gauge when been sitten in the sun and heat but soon as it’s cools down or in the shade everything works fine
key in on, engine not running new purge valve clicking open n close with gages going to needle stop and than back fast over n over ( mostly gas gage but other move as well ) before stopping, lost of power when get started and shuts off. ran good before three days of rain.
When i step on gas it cuts in and out. Sometimes when switch to reverse and drive it dies out. It will get up to speed but it cuts in and out several times before it does. It seems to act up more when it is colder. ?
Gear shifter. Shifts into gear without pressing break.
I changed my battery out now I only have a locked on my radio GMC terrain
My Yukon shifts into for wheel high on it's own when going down the road. It happens after driving a short period of time. It's very difficult to shift back to 2 wheel.
Computer has been diagnosed as bad. Trying to fix naturally as cheap as possible.
I have changed the ambient air sensor in front of the radiator and it still not working
When you put the keys in the ignation and turn the key it normally says driver 1 a few days ago it went to unknown driver and the windows lock and will not unlock and the doors lock to and you have to lock and unlock the doors bye hand. Also my radio is affected as well. What is going on I need answers. Pls help.
When attempting to set speed control the light on the steering wheel comes on bu it will not set speed to desired limit. I am using limits above 45 mph
I recently replaced my starter in my truck to do so i had to move the slave cylinder out of the way. After i installed the stsrter and re attached the slave cylinder my clutch pedal is as haerd as a rock, it wont move an inch. Did i ruin my slave cylinder or did i hyperextend it? And what can i do to fix my problem?
both the left side rear taillight and stop light fail to come on when required to do so
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