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When ever i run my a/c or pull my boat my engine starts to run hot ..i change my water pump and all belts and thermostat ..cooling temp sensor and all hoses ..and was told air might be in system but had that looked at also ..if i sit in traffic or stop at lights it runs hot as soon as i start again or turn a/c off it returns to normal temp .. I even run dexcool as directed
Sounds a little like somthing rubbing andtumpping sound on drivers front end
need to know if the tires will fit
My heater fan stopped working, Rear heater fan works fine. Controls & fuze fine. Had some intermittent problems, a delay after turing on, but now has stopped
Leaking oily like fluid and steering wheel top points to the left but vehicle drivers almost straight
door locks not working
writing from Italy . typhoon 1993 .electrical problems after replacement of engine of my typhoon in 1993: before dismounting it was all right, now the water temperature indicator rises slightly and comes light on the engine problems after a few seconds. We changed all temperature sensors, thermostat, but nothing changes. the engine ,cold or hot goes in motion, but cold if you switch it off after 1 minute, switching on again if seems flooded. tester says that water temperature is very low. we no longer know what to do. Thanks if you can help me
where is the knock sensoe located on 2001 gmc yukon
it runs great but didnt pass emisson test
All of a sudden
Smelt like it overheated or something burned out. Then i noticed the PRND12 went dim. Then all the dash lights went completely out. Had a weird feel to the rest of the way home. I knw oil may be a bit low and i need a oil change too.
it runs rough when idling, but runs great when I get going and going down highway. starts great. check engine light keeps coming on. I replaced injectors. replace mass emissions sensor. new fuel pump. new spark plugs and wires. still does it. 2 shops can't figure it out. any ideas. I have spent over 4k on this.
True key to start potion 4x4 lights come on then imedetle turn off
problem just started after I left the rear doors open after unloading
Map . collant sensor. Tbs
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