GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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Rolls when in park
WhAt could I do to fix this issue
Is my car still drivable ?
WhAt could happen if I don’t fix it
Zero oil pressure at cold start builds to 30 psi after 30 seconds to a minute
sometimes shutting the ignition switch off & on will start the heater nmotor
The stability system disabled came on after my truck came to a complete stop and now it doesn't drive forward in any gear, the brakes go all the way to the floor, and the vehicle will only drive in reverse. Even after replacing the calipers, the brakes, and the rotors, why is it still not driving?
I have a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali and it's having trouble going from first to second while driving and I was told it could be a dirty transmission filter does that sound correct and is there any tips that I should know before getting it changed
Once you start driving the engine warms up and transmission starts to slip then I lose 3rd and 4th gear. Don't lose reverse 1st or second
I bought a 2005 Yukon xl and under the hood there is a green sticker saying the rear a.c. has been blocked off. What are some things to check to get it working again?
it turn over but want start
It would not start this morning. But got back home this evening and it started right up!!! This has happened 3 times. Once we have had to jump it off with cables. It has had a hard time cranking a few times(lugging down)
1 bulb lighting gear mode is very dim.
is bulb replaceable?
can I send the entire panel in for repair?
I tried to access the bulbs but couldn't.
started making a winding noise when i accelerate and stop when i take foot off the gas..
Install air shock and air pump
I get a check engine light and a "tighten fuel capcap" messagemessage.
The power door lock and power window and side view mirror stopped working on front passenger door only. At same time the key fob stopped working and I have to key my way in. Can you help?
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