GMC Yukon XL Denali Questions

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1 bulb lighting gear mode is very dim.
is bulb replaceable?
can I send the entire panel in for repair?
I tried to access the bulbs but couldn't.

started making a winding noise when i accelerate and stop when i take foot off the gas..

Install air shock and air pump

I get a check engine light and a "tighten fuel capcap" messagemessage.

The power door lock and power window and side view mirror stopped working on front passenger door only. At same time the key fob stopped working and I have to key my way in. Can you help?

I would like to know the approximate cost of having another 6.2l motor put in my 07 yukon xl denali, including labor. And a few parts.

I need to replace the rubber push button on the rear lift gate that opens the window only. need to see the procedure for doing this don't want to take to body shop

When the steering blocks it also shut down the engine

nothing lights up when turning on key no power to do anything

Body type code?

I be press the gas pedal im already driving at any speed the truck want go it just starts slowing down. You have to pull over stop the truck and seat for a little while then try to crank it up again to go again

Noticed about 1 week ago when I was driving at night. Had the battery and altenator checked and both by O'REILLY auto and both passed.

I want to make sure it is pump and not seals or other issues.

Front Brakes pump and make a noise (not brake pads) on the driver side. Feels like the antilock brake is kicking in. When starting to move from a dead stop it feels like the vehicle is stalling, the noise appears, When I back off on the gas the noise stops and the car surges ahead. Does not happen at highway speed.

Brakes make a pulsing sensation and feel like they are locking when I slowly come to a stop. Brakes seem to engage when I start moving and release when I letup on the gas.

On the hood of my black GMC Yukon XL Denali, the paint is evaporating - turning white and spotty. I religiously park my car indoors and have it waxed 2 times a year. What the heck is happening? I've never owned a car that had this problem.

I notice after a few weeks that alarm system was working after the repairs

i'm not sure what to do, i've tested the electronics and everything seems to be fine, Please help

After multiple events of car dying AAA told us our battery was bad, so we replaced it. The battery is several months old and now it is beginning to die again. We just drove 6 1/2 hour drive to Idaho, after 2 days of being parked it died. We jumped it and drove home fine, now 2 days later it's deader than a door nail again. What does this sound like? Nothing seems to be left on...

(first try) My mech replaced the crankcase sensor. Didn't fix the problem. 2nd try he replaced the ignition switch. That didn't work. Tested the fuel pressure after it stalled and it was still warm - while trying to start it (40 psi) but would not start. When it cooled down we were able to start it and the fuel pressure is at 80psi. No diagnostic codes on his computer from these events

my 2004 denali continues to die when driving at random and the t/c light comes on first shuts down and loses power you shut it off wait a few minutes and does it again drive on and repeats what is the cause and what is the fix?