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While driving at night, the console lights will dim, flicker, go off and come back on again a few seconds later. The Dim control/interior lights dial does not work on dimming, but can turn on/off the interior lights. What could be the root problem?
My transmission (automatic) started slipping in and out at about 35 mph. Once I hit about 45-50, it was fine. Had transmission rebuilt, and it kept doing the same after about two days. Replaced a barrel in transmission, after 24 hours, back to slipping. Completely replaced transmission with another rebuilt, drove about 360 miles (on a road trip... mostly interstate driving) and it started again. Not nearly as bad. Coming back home, in the middle of a nasty rainstorm that slowed interstate traffic to a crawl, it started slipping worse than ever. When the storm was over, and the truck seemed to dry out, it stopped for the most part. Back in town, it started slipping at around the same speeds (in and out). Now, when I come to a complete stop, it doesn't want to engage and I have to pull over and tap the gas until it engages and I can drive. Then it starts slipping in and out at the same speeds.
Seeing as how this is a completely different transmission, I feel that the issue isn't in the transmission itself, but something causing the transmission to start slipping gears. Also, It seems to be better when it is warm and dry. If it is moist outside, or cold, or hot, it starts slipping. Cooling temperatures, morning dew on the ground, and a couple of days of rain happened before it stopped engaging after a complete stop. This is why I believe that there is a moisture issue somewhere.
I really cannot afford a new transmission again, nor can I really afford to take it to a mechanic this time, so I'm hoping someone can give me some answers that won't be terribly expensive.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Damp weather, cold, or hot (above 85)
How long have you had this problem? over a year
Chicke eng light always on
I bought the fuel filter in autozone but when got to the bottom of the SUV I don't see it any where.
around the frame, nop
around the tank, nop
around the driver side (front and back) nop
around the engine ,nop
around the passenger side, nop
I need help, the truck is working perfect, but I just don't want to wait until too late.
all lights work correctly
The hose is black and close to the tailpipe. One end connects to a clamp which goes comes down out of the truck. The other end connects to a metal line about halfway under the truck in the middle. What is the name of this pipe?
I am trying to locate the box that operates "OnStar" in my vehicle.
When it acts up it starts off in 3rd gear engine light comes on codes are for the electrical sensors but if you reset the codes it drives and shifts fine, and if the engine light is on going though the gears manually works fine, electrical I know but where to start?
Should I bite the bullet and R&R for $3500 or diagnose for possible trans cooling line obstructions??
I took my yukon to have it smogged and it passed but did not pass the visual due to missing air injection pump, took it to have it fixed and was told it does not require one, that only some models do
Please help me
that fuss box has been replaced. the switch in side turns off everything but headlights.
I've changed my hydrolic booster my master cylinder brakes rotors and it still locks up on me
Check engine light keeps going off code P300 & p0172 & 175, I have replaced the spark plug wires, coil and spark plug for the number 3 cylinder. The light stayed off for about a week, which is the longest it has stay off in 3 months so I thought I had it fixed, but this morning it went off again. Same code
Every single time I turn my steering wheel there is a continuous popping sound coming from the rear end of the passenger side rear axle, what does that mean exactly I am not a mechanic needing some help if possible.
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