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2015 GMC Yukon XL, the second row DVD player isn’t showing video, still plays on main screen in front while in park and in 3rd row dvd, looks like the screen is getting power but it doesn’t display. Any ideas?
I just got my pre-owned GMC Yukon XL at the end of the year. I’ve used the DVD player, second row, a few times now with no problems. Then, all of a sudden, the movie wasn’t playing on the screen. I can see that it’s turning on when I pull it down, but it appears that it’s not connected to the video. The third row DVD player screen is still working as well as the front screen in the dash. I want to fix the issue, but am not sure of the exact problem. Any suggestions?
Just purchased this SUV and the DVD player in the middle stopped working.
Hi! Recently, the warning sounds on my 2015 GMC Yukon XL started disappearing. By warning sounds I mean the sounds that chime when the car is started or when the turn signal is on. This happened once before, but then everything came back to normal. Then in the last week, this started occurring very frequently and now appears to be consistent. The radio can be played no problem. I also know that these warnings sounds are played through the left front speaker located under the dashboard. Just now I tested that speaker and while I can hear the radio through it, the warning sounds were very faint at first and then disappeared completely. I would greatly appreciate any help on this problem! Thank you very much!
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