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As I put my ignition key in my 08 Tahoe Hybrid it does not turn over it does not start all power is lost I checked the battery cables everything is connected I even got a spark from the positive side went to turn on the ignition again lights came on very dim but nothing happened the locks won't even lock or unlock how can I jump start my truck it is a hybrid 2 mode
Windows, locks, mirror turn signal, heated seat, mirror adjustments buttons everything on the door is out
I have a Yukon hybrid, I was driving and I noticed it wouldn't go into electric mode when at a stop light, all of a sudden in the middle of driving, it jerked forward and stalled. check engine light came on and onstar stated that there was a problem with the electric propulsion system. took it to GMC dealer and they cant figure out what is wrong with it. Thank you in advance.
right side mirror glass doesn't show turn signal anymore ? is that just a glass issue ? or input everything else works ok ?
After stopping at red light or stop sign when I take off my car will stop suddenly and then jerk forward and go again. This seems to be happening more often. I am very worried thst I am going to get rear-ended. I took it to GMC and they said the motor mount was broken. That has been fixed I have had car back for 2 days and it is happening again. Sometime the check engine light will come on after this happens, and On-star said the code was for engine propulsion system. Any ideas what is going on. I have seen others complain about this but jave never seen a ansewr to tje problem. Please help! Thank you.
109,000 miles on Truck...
Battery R & R by GMC $300 and now GMC did a diagnostic and want to replace a ECM board $700? I have driven the truck with light on for 1500 miles and it is running fine to my knowledge.

I have a Rear Main Seal Leak Also that I reported to GMC before 100,000? They/Dealership is willing to take 10% off the cost... I may buy a Toyota !!!!!

it seems that at times my truck RMP goes up 3 and seems that it takes time to change gear
car has not been started in a month. I charged the 12 volt battery already is there a way to jump the hybrid one
car wont start I think the bib battery is low iv charged the 12 volt one already
This noise seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle and I've notices a slight to medium hesitation when in reverse

Getting no codes
This noise seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle and I've notices a slight to medium hesitation when in reverse (like when you give it gas it hesitates to back up). This started late last week or early this week :)

Getting no codes
I am interested in buying a 08 hybrid yukon 116000 .it has a new factory installed original not rebuilt motor
.thinking that's a good thing .
Happened at carwash. Looks like it may have just been glued on.
We are considering purchasing a used Yukon hybrid but I know nothing about the maintenance schedule. Is there an online resource where I can see the sched? The veh in consideration has 33K miles
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