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After spending $650 on new front bearings, my truck now has either a transfer case issue or a differential bearing issue. I am a bit scared as to what this is going to cost me. Any input?
Started upon and performed good and then after few days did it again.
2000 GMC Yukon Denali 5.7L
I swapped Cylinder Heads for a pair of used Cylinder Heads due to the first pair being cross-threaded. After properly installing Heads and torquing them down, we then began to align crank up with TDC Mark and then aligned rotor on distributor to the distributor cap mark. After that, we tried to start it, but it would only just turn over but not start at all. The belt would turn the pulleys and all, but it just seems like it isn't making that starting sound. The fuel pump kicks on and its getting fuel. So we then removed spark plug and decided to put my finger on the hole while the Mechanic used a wrench to turn the crank until I was able to feel air, but no air would blow on my finger at all. So we then removed valve cover and aligned the valves at TDC until both were closed, then put everything back together and still no start. Mechanic then had checked for spark at the #1 plug by removing plug while I tried to start it, and it was getting spark, PLEASE HELP
Shop turns off light, but it comes back on a day or two later. Previously the gas tank vent was plugged and the chamber containing the air filter had leaves and water in the bottom. Said problem was solved. Not.
Could it be the master cylinder
Breaks going to theffloor
I have replaced the relay with no luck. I had planned on changing the multi function switch but I have read it is only the issue if it is clicking. Mine is not. Any other ideas. I have checked all the fuses as well.
If I hit a bump or hold the window button and tap the center console they all come back on do they have a common ground what is the common denominator in the center console for all three?
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