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I would like to know how often mileage wise to change the transmission fluid in my 2004 Yukon Denali. I am at 206k and I am unsure when the last time it was serviced for that.
I put feon back in all it came out on rear shock on right side
I was driving at 70 mph and car started shaking,stabilitrak light and engine light came on,weve owned vehicle only a month with 6k down so were invested in this vehicle,is there a lemon law that the dealer has to repair this since its only been a month at the most,and if not how much am i looking at, the shop said they have to ruin diagnostics on it first that will cost around 275 just to find out problem,we are on vacation stranded,took a 200 dollar taxi to room,somebody give me some advice please,my email is the vehicle is not under warranty so its all out of pocket so do i have any leverage on nt...please help the dealership fix what they sold me 3 weeks ago,how much am i looking ta if they wont pay for it...
Battery Checked OK needed new alternator installed. next day went out to start and no nothing. Shop took it back and checked everything said no problems. Brought it home next day not start.
I have had problems with the seat heaters just come on and off for about 20 minutes. does not happen all the time.
its under the dashboard on driver side and also hooked up to the security system?
What does zero hours mean? Is that why my truck won't start? All fluids are full at the time.was only driven 10 miles per hour .was no warning lights telling me of any problems. Took my truck for regular schegdual maintainance and they power washed my engine and causing electrical problems. So had to keep my truck for two days and tried to fix it.720 481 5694 michelle
What is this? what does it do> why is the light on?
Just started about a month ago
It won't work the radio does work at the navigation CD when I come out when I hit the eject button
Says stability sys disabled since I changed rear brakes and rotors, has never said that before, what happened?
i was told take a drive cycle??? but the sensor has not ever been changed??
The exterior passive lock/unlock buttons on the doorhandles of my Yukon do not work. They work fine on the passenger side, however on the driver front and rear door they do not work. I have change the handles but this did not fix the problem. Have also change the fuses. Any suggestions?
Unplugged switch and checked for shorted or bad wires, still runs. Any suggestions?
It comes on and off while driving and while driving you a noise that sounds like the brekes are scrubbing
looking for cost and service in my area 85014
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