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my compressor was replaced along with fan clutch, orifice tube,,my engine overheats when i have the ac on and im at idle for 5 minutes or more....

the engine doesn't overheat as long as im driving...if i'm at idle, and no ac on, the engine won't overheat... Again, i replaced the fan clutch..

notice that my fuel gage goes from fuel to empty while im driving never no how much gas i have. please tell me what could this be

How do you get the light to turn off?

Car has noise coming from front passinger side (metalic-rubbing-clicking) sound not consistant with speed or wheel spin. Does Denalis have issues with bearings? 116k miles on drivetrain.

my reduced engine power comes on can get any acceleration

where is the gas filter on this truck?

My Denali has 123,000 miles when should the shocks be replaced?


where is purge valve located

it says the stabillitrack and traction control is off and to service

About a month ago my car would not start, I jumped it and it started and ran fine for about a month. Today it stalled again, my wife was driving she said it said "battery stabilizer system" as an issue....any thoughts?

Day time running lights come on during day but turn off at night. Headlights will not turn on at all.

beteween 50 to 55 its the worst i just picked it up from the dealer it only has 12000 miles and has been this way allthe time they had it a week this last time still no fix

My 04 denali has been great. I have 180,000 plus miles on it and bought it new. My problem with the air is that if I set it at a temp.( example - 73degrees ) it will blow nice cool air for awhile then all of a suden it will blow hot air. Very frusrtating when your on a trip and it 90degrees outside. If I stop the vehicle and shut it off, let it set for awhile and then restart it, it will blow cold again, then maybe ten minutes later we're getting toasted! Then a little later we're cool again.. Do I need to take it to a garage or is this an easy fix?

My engine coolant hot light has come on. What can I do to fix that problem? I love my truck and dont want to mess up the engine or anything like that. Any answers or suggestions to fix will greatly be appreciated it. Thanks Rob from Alabama.

one of my tires was low so i took it to the shop and they fixed it, but the check tire pressure light is still turning on, why, and how can i reset it since the tire is good know?

Front shocks need to be replaced @ 142000 miles. The dealer cost for parts are $930. I was trying to find instructions for replacement to effect some economies do the coil springs need to be compressed for instalation? Do you have to set the computer after instalation? Are the parts available from someone other than a dealer?

Air bag light blinks when truck is started, goes out for a minute then reilluminates steady. Is there a way of checking sensors?

my front differential is going can anyone give me a solution for this please

2005 Yukon Denali 6.0. Check Engine Light comes on. "OBD code P0496. Evaporative Emission System High Purge Flow" . I have replaced Gas Cap. Can clear error but eventually comes back on. Notice vehicle stutters to restart after shutting off to refuel. Where is purge valve located and any other thoughts?

Both back and front a/c is cooling to 80 degrees

when i try to put in a disc in the 5 disc box it just wont receive it

Six disc cd not working,no power.
Radio,nav working,

The front end of my 2004 Yukon Denali was makeing noise. Took the Denali to a GMC dealer and they said it was the front differential. It has been replaced once before when it was under warranty. Now its no longer under warranty and needs to be replaced again.

I beleive my vehichle needs a recharge because the fan(a/c) comes on, but it's just hot air instead of cool.

I can't get the rear tire pressure light to go off. It's been serviced and they don't know why it stays on.

Sometimes when Im driving the T/C light comes and the reduced engine power flashes and my truck will cut all the way but and it flashes stability traction. what do I do to fix the problem

46000 rear end went bad had to replace, never towed anything , what went wrong

while pulling travel trailer sometimes hear loud popping under denali can't tell where its coming from reciever hitch is bolted tight and appears sound

My reverse lights on my 1999 GMC Denali stay on while driving. How do you fix the problem, I know you can be pulled over by the police for this. So please help me if you can