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84 gmc vandura 3500 6.2 eng. automatic trnsition

Some of the Fuses are showing burnt; the 20 amp slot is damaged.

This is a new thing. My truck stalls when coming to a stop. It seems the faster/harder the braking = stall but other times if I brake lightly and allow for a long distance to slow to a stop (eg coming to a light) it will not stall.

Any ideas?


When we purchased the van, the serpentine belt began coming off after hitting a large patch of water. Father-in-law, who was very mechanically savvy, said van had larger than normal alternator and needed a 955 belt instead of the recommended 945. Put on 955, ran great until a week ago, belt came off, was shredded and bits wrapped around fan post. New belt (955) flies off immediately, and fan area where belt sits (only non-grooved portion of belt system) is completely smooth. Friend suggesting removal of fan cover to see where issue may be - not sure how to do that, nor why belt may be flying off. Any help would be fantastic.

Thank You in advance

OK, I think I put engine oil in the hole that may be the vacuum reservoir. Now my 1996 box truck engine now screams/screeches and the rpg's seem to be going very fast. Why I think it is the vacuum reservoir is there is a black ball attached to hood that seems to line up perfectly to the hole/drain that I put oil in. How do I fix this? Where did that damn oil go? The box truck is so loud screaming. Help! Thanks, (Not blond but should be) Paula

Just started making a very loud screeching sound when I push to accelerate. But stops when I let up. I looked in the engine and it seemed hot. Transmission stick was very hot to the touch and I noticed small amount of smoke coming from the whole where that big black ball that is hooked to the hood lines up with. (Btw it that where the engine oil goes?) the only new thing is that I loaned the box truck and he said he put a quart of 10w30 in it because it was was to have 15w40. Would that cause the screaming sound??

work lights on dash light up

The speedometer sensor on my 1995 G3500 gmc was changed and the speedometer and brake lights worked fine for 2 days. Neither the speedometer nor the brake lights are working now. Is there a reason for these to break down at the same time? The bulbs look fine. They light up when I turn on the headlights.

The fuel gauge is not working properly. The fuel pump pressure is at 17pounds, it is supposed to be 18 pounds. Do you recommend to change the fuel pump?

Noise disappears when I slightly depress the brake pedal.
I have replaced the pads, calipers, master cylinder last month. The noise persists. Not the rears. I have pulled the wheel assembly to check the bearings and there is no problem there. Noise comes on after running for a few minutes. Braking is fine, good even. no pull. no squeal or grinding. Just a clicking once per revolution. Both wheels.

It just started. The engine is running fine. I got the fuel where I normally do. I added some fuel additive that is suppose to help. I also disconnected the battery for a hour to see if it would reset, but it didn't.

It says hydramatic on the side and has electric pigtail on sde

i have a 1994 vandera 3500 6.5 diesel and there is no dash lights or glow plug lights the gauges tern signals arnt working it terns over but wont start iv checked the fuses and changed the glow plug controller i wondering if its the computer or ecm ???

i have no heat. I replaced the heater control valve in front of the heater core outlets (wich I flushed) she comes up to operating temp just fine. Should have good heat but nothing. Is it possibly something in the heater controls?? All my doors work when I use the controls and the heater valve closes when I put the control on heat and opens when I put it on cold. I'm at a loss. Any ideas would be useful. Thank you.

When I start my truck in the morning it will not shift out of low gear. when it gets to 170 degrees I can shut the truck off and turn it back on and it will shift normally. But if I do not shut the truck off it will not come out of low gear.

he can't find a wiring diagram and needs to know how to fix the horn.

Just stop working after it over heated

It appears that there are adjustments on the heater hose under the hood. How do you adjust to get heat?

it starts runs for about 15 seconds then the injectors spray only intermittently causing the stall. if we try to start it again it won't unless we cycle the key. we do not have a fuel pressure gauge but the recent work I had on the van included a fuel pressure test which was "within range"

It a passenger truck with no reverse. It runs forward ok but I want to replace the transmission instead of rebuilding it. Thanks.

my transmission shift sometime rough and other time it will not get out of second gear.

please help ,i try a lot of mechanics, i don't what to give up !!!!!!