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Does a Vandura 2500 have a roller cam?
is there another sensor and where oil pressure gauge needle go all the way up
Several times in the last year, my van started having issues with the VSS. I have changed my battery within this same time. Now I have no speedometer. The break light warning signal stays on. If I go over say 45 mph the check light comes on. When I have none of the problems everything is fine. But, my A/C/blower is not as well. I replaced the VSS and this has not corrected my problem. I did id go thru the local auto parts, but they never heard of it it due the part being obsolete.

I would like to know what the green and grey 12gaw wires go to in the battery area. Located around the battery area. I cant find where those wires may go. If there is some other area that I should be looking into, like behind the dash, I've been behind that as well, for speaker replacement, but that was 5 yrs ago. The dealership doesn't have info on this because it is obsolete to them now.

Checked all the fuses in the wires connected to the lights still no power going to the lights
Sometimes it runs great but sometimes the gouges go crazy it wont shift automatically and the windows don't work and the abs light is on check engine and emergency brake
What seems to make the problem better or worse? After you drive and stop and then try to leave again is when it hsppens most
How long have you had this problem? 1 month
There's no sound at all
How long have you had this problem? Since owning it -2 years
No signals, hazard or brake lights. All fuses and sockets are good but only 1 side running light works. All bulbs are good.
How long have you had this problem? since replacing steering column

How long have you had this problem? since replacing steering column
We just got the van and need the air to work.
The latch seems to be locked shut, it happened when the pop a lock guy was inside the door through the window popping my lock. He ended up roughing around and upsetting the door latch. I looked to my other door to see what the correct orientation was and did to that door as well with ease. Given how easy it was to mess up, I assume it is an easy fix.
The van will start and run but than shuts off and wont start back, then it will start after it sits for a while.
R 12 or 134a
we want to put a rear window airconditioner in. how do we remove the window safely
i need 2 find a cluster with more mph, mine only says 85 mph and its old.
this is manual
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