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6.5 turbo

Hello, I have a remanufactured tranny installed 12/2014. I have put 9,000 miles on the car since then. The repair shop that did the install wants to do a flush on the tranny. Is this necessary?

truck had been starting &running ;set for two weeks.will start and then shut off.
checked;fuel pump/prusser ;all electric to injects all OK; spray starter fluid [will run as long as you spray]
start up run 15 or 20 sec. then shut off. does carb. have pump in it

I have 3 wire harnesses hanging below either the actuator or front differential they won't connect to each other and my 4 wheel drive will not stay locked in makes loud popping noise while in four wheel drive.. also service 4 wheel drive light goes on and off. Im not sure how to get it working properly thanks for any answers if yall can help a girl out! of

Starter died trying to start with dead fuelpump, both are replaced starter switch is good, new starter+pump work. But it still won't get fuel, maybe the fuel sending unit? I keep hearing people suggest the distributor, but it just had a tune-up and ran buetifuly

Large engine model. looking for the fuse but not labeled unless aux

All the time.

It will start but will die quickly! Can't use the lights,heat,or radio

The fluid is leaking out from a part about 5 inches below the reserve opening. I can see it leaking out when the car is running. Even more so when the steering wheel is turned. I go through about a quart every 10 - 20 miles. The part that's leaking looks like a small metal cup with a lid and a screw on top. I'm sorry I don't know my cars, so any educated guess would help. Thank you!

while i had it apart icranked it over to line up the timing gears. nw im having problems geetting the dist. instaled right , i brought number onepiston up to tdc on the compression stroke, but dont knoe how to set the dist. IE where do i point the rotor. thank you

I bought a good used 93-94 motor from a junk yard for my 96 suburben, will it line up and fit in ok? If not is there a way to retro fit it?

There is a little black box it sticks out in the engine bay that gets hot I think that is a problem I do not know the vehicle will not start after running for a while!

I have had to prime my suburban for awhile now to get it to start then the other day I was driving and it just died on me. Had to have it towed back to my house. Was able to get it to start the next day and it idled fine but as soon as I put it in gear and tried to drive it died after about 15 feet. Now I am unable to start it again and I don't know whats wrong with it. Help me please

I have changed my fuel draw pump and I also replaced the injection pump brand new but my truck still won't start or get fuel any suggestions

Does anyone know whether or not the dashboard is illuminated during daylight hours. In certain lights, such as driving into the bright sky it is very difficult to read the speedometer. The dash lights up at night OK but is still dimmer than I would like even with the dimmer switch on full. No fuses are burned out.

We tuned up changing spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. 2days later it lost power while driving. Cranks but don't start. Changed distributor, crankshaft sensor, ignition control module, coil AND computer....fuel pressure was good, but it's like computer isn't communicating with rest of ignition system...have spent over $800 and cars been down for 3

My suburban has side by side, rear doors, that open outwards (not the up and down doors). All of a sudden, the left door won't open. When I pull the lever to open it, it seems like it almost grabs something, and then nothing happens. I need to use the bed in the back of the truck to move something today. Help?!

my code reader is throwing code 34 what would that indicate

I used the four wheel drive to get out of a parking lot where the snow was deep enough to get me stuck in two wheel drive. The transfer case shifted manually as it usually does, the indicator on the shift lever indicated four wheel drive and the four wheel drive worked. I shifted into high range two wheel drive when I was mobile, and the indicator went out. The next morning, when I shifted into four wheel drive the transfer case shifted but the indicator never came on and the four wheel drive did not engage. The transfer case is shifting because when I put it in neutral, the truck does not move when I put it in gear. Something is not engaging the drive axle.
What should I check. I already checked the 4X$ 25 amp fuse. It is not blown.

I would like to know what the normal running temperature is for this engine because I just bought this suburban from a unscrupulous private owner anyhow, it runs at 220 degrees and I'm sure this is too hot. There is no visible leak for the water just I'm thinking this is either a head gaskit or cracked head but there's no oil in the radiator and no water in the oil???? can anyone help me?

misfire code p-1345

cranks so much worried about heating up starter and ruining it. what all should I check on engine and or truck only has 89,000 miles on it, but cant get it to start now, just cranks

Have changed the starter and fly wheel. Think I have starter hooked up wrong. It has three wires. Also, when hook up batteries to try to start, batteries spark and Glow plug stays on all time. Think I might have starter connected wrong

I believe it has a short or is going out sometimes it clicks and smoke comes out of steering area. also i smell a burning smell. I have a new battery and starter.

a engine quit runing wait about ten minutes engine start i was towing a trailer the engine just stop runing wait about ten minutes it star running again drive about one hundred miles it stop running again wait about ten minutes start again.

Changed fuel filter little better mechanic says problem is pump should i change it, no check engine lights either

It seems I have a coolant leak(only when the engine is running) which seems to be coming from a water line junction or distribution piece that looks maybe to be plastic. It is under the resevoir tank/ air cleaner inlet, down about a foot or so. It has a hose(maybe 2) coming into it from the radiator and 2 hoses leaving it going into the firewall. It has a device that looks like it might be some sort of vacuum switch with a wire or small hose leading off of it, right beside this junction. Is this associated with the heating system? What would this part be called so that I can order a new one? Apparently, it has a crack in it and leaks when under pressure.