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My ignition was drilled out and so I replaced lock cylinder,ignition switch and the key will unlock steering,but my acc. Don't come on. It's like not getting power the lock cylinder just free spins it spring help me

Died while driving about 40 mph. First thought was it ran out of fuel. Getting fuel and fire but making a popping sounds out the exhaust.

I had to replace the intake manifold and gaskets.and got it to start and reset the timing and then it stalled. Now it won't start. No crank . No nothing

My truck doesn't bounce all the time, only over certain bumps in the road, in certain areas.

It doesn't grind all the time and doesn't seem to happen at any particular time. Random.

was told by a diesel mechanic to replace iac but was also told to remove throttle body and clean it all out any ideas? new iac will be here soon..

Already changed fuel pump and filter.the plugs,and fuel injection connecters they were bare wire that stopped the back fire. It starts right up don't have to toutch thgas

at first it would start and when you put in gear it would go dead , did that several times now acts like not getting diesel??? Thanks

I changed timing chain and gears new distributor new plugs and wires now no spark and truck was running when it came in

had distributor unit replaced

I've jumped pin 13 to grnd and have no lights flashing indicating dtc with 4wd system. Light on selector switch lights up as normal after initial power up and stays lit on 2 wheel high. If I go to switch to 4 wheel high or any other function nothing happens. The service 4wd light is now on in the dash. I've also tried removing fuse 2 for a couple a minutes and doing the key back and forth with 5 second intervals..this problem just happened and I don't think it would be related is that I disconnected battery( hence the tccm wake up procedure) to replace the distibutor after I cracked the cap mounting screws replacing the oil pressure sending switch. Is it possible I knocked some wire loose or is it just coincidental that the 4wd system is not since January of 2014 I ve had tranny , transfer case, new in dash selector switch , encoder motor and front diff actuator replaced so I'm kinda stumped. If the switch in dash was bad would it still power up as normal but not react to my commands...desperate for a cure. Thanks in advance

misfiring when in a stop sizn

I changed distrbutor, coil, coil module, spark plugs wires, crankshaft sencor, ignition switch and the pcm. towed truck to deal to have pcm programmed. still no spark. Getting a code P1336. the truck wont make a spark. Im stressed, can u help

A friend was changing my spark plugs and wires because of a misfire problem. I came outside it look like he took my engine apart the air filter was off and other things. After put back together decided to drive it around the corner and come to find out it wouldn't move. After I jus drove it 15min b4 that. Can somebody help me figure out what's wrong with my vehicle plz thank you

When making a left turn or going around a turn toward the left the steering will lock for a few seconds then release. You can feel a jerk when it releases. I have had upper ball joints replaced and had an alignment recently. What would cause this?

I drive a 96 GMC Surburban K1500 SLE 5.7 . Had my transfer case serviced not long ago because of a grinding sound. My 4 wheel drive hasn't worked in years. 2hi indicator is not illuminated and get no response from switches when in drive or lower gears. Indicator lights illuminate on ignition then shut off. Switches do respond in neutral but no shifting, only 4hi and 4lo illumination together. Tried tccm code reset but no luck. Need direction.

its been making this horrible popping for about 3 weeks and getting worse, what is it and how much to fix?

Won't start if left off for more than two days. Once started, starts again first time every time within 2 days. Then won't start unless jumped and gas pumped repeatedly. Battery always checks out good. Dealer says no drain on battery, no codes on computer. Engine runs fine.
Check engine light has been on for 12 years - truck runs fine and passes emissions, but CO now requires no check engine lite. No codes on computer - dealer and repair shops can't fix.
Could it be altitude - how to reset computer?

When these stopped working the transmission stopped down shifting. I can manual shift but it takes off in second gear. This happed once before and I only had to restart the truck to fix the problem. But that doesn't work this time. I have been told trans speed sensor or engine module may be the problem. Does any one know?

Emergency brake light is on how do I fix this.

went to start in cold morning for warm up, 8 degrees, started with no problem but shut off after a few minutes and will not start now at all. Never had issue before. It sounds like it wants to turn over but just cranks and cranks- no fire up. all fluids good, gas full, need help.

I was seating there and my heater shut down first then I lost all power

Only in 2wd but it used to only do it in 4wd. Code p0430. Just put on muffler because I bought it without one and that's when it started. Also oil leak from front of engine? Any help fellas?