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Failed emission on the koeo but passed on the koer they said it’s because when they turned my key back no lights came on in dash board
Need help with removel & reunstallion
Stopped to put gas thought I heard a noise when I turned off. Put gas started it noise started on start so I shut off
losing power and not sure what to do. cold air, new plugs, wires. trans???
I have a 1997 gmc suburban 5.7L. It runs rough when I start it and almost dies when I put it in gear. But it seems to run ok as long as I’m giving it gas but as soon as I let off it starts running rough again
Replaced fuel pump and sock,inline filter,spider assy and regulator.Will run on ether sprayed in intake and accelerate.After 20 min sitting,runs slightly longer,then back to start and die..HELP1111
What's the name of the part over top of the tail light in a 1997 K 1500 GMC
My ignition was drilled out and so I replaced lock cylinder,ignition switch and the key will unlock steering,but my acc. Don't come on. It's like not getting power the lock cylinder just free spins it spring help me
Died while driving about 40 mph. First thought was it ran out of fuel. Getting fuel and fire but making a popping sounds out the exhaust.
I had to replace the intake manifold and gaskets.and got it to start and reset the timing and then it stalled. Now it won't start. No crank . No nothing
My truck doesn't bounce all the time, only over certain bumps in the road, in certain areas.
It doesn't grind all the time and doesn't seem to happen at any particular time. Random.
was told by a diesel mechanic to replace iac but was also told to remove throttle body and clean it all out any ideas? new iac will be here soon..
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