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replaced vac axuater nothing wrong with front
66,000 easy miles. 4wd not used much. Worked in 4wd then I went to put back into 2 wheel drive and had to continue to play with it to get it to engage into 2 wheel drive. afraid to try to put in 4wd again. Taking to a mechanic but could use information so they don't rip me off. Thanks
Had frontend alighnment done pulled out of garage stopped at light heard loud noise shut truck off noise continued. Had to unplug abs module. Coincidence?
No reverse or second gear what would cause this
i was on my way home from work and it just stopped moving!i pushed into a parking lot went back later and it would go into forward and reverse one time then nothing had it towed home been reading up on it. occasionally i will start it and go threw the gears and it works fine in all gear.just moving it in front of my house. it will 3 to 4 times in all gear then start to fade i am hopping it's it's a shift silenoid or a pressure control silenoid. can you help me
It was suggested that I should pull the back up fuse and leave it out for 3 minutes. Drive it after for about an hour to clear. Where is this back up fuse located? Does this sound realistic?
Couldn't undo screw(s),there's a cable wire?what do I do?
there is a hose on top of tranny between the fuel lines would transmission fluid blow out of this
power and would not hardly pull would have cut it off and let it sit for a few minuets and drive for a short distance and it would do it again
I just bought the truck. I started it just about 2 weeks before I bought it, it ran fine. I go to start it after I bought it and the ignition is stuck in the locked position. I can't move any of the pieces. Not even the unlock switch.
Install distributor pickup coil?
Service engine light, voltometer, & oil pressure only things functioning.
I was driving it and it just stopped running, so I had it towed to my house. After trying to start it I noticed the fuel pump wasn't kicking on, so I put a new pump in, but it still wasn't kicking on. I checked the wires going to the pump with a voltage tester, I have power to the sending unit, my gas gauge works fine, but there is no power to the pump when you turn on the key. Someone said that if the oil pressure switch is bad it would cut the power to the fuel pump, so I put a new oil pressure switch in it, still nothing. I know its something simple, I just can't figure it out, please can someone help me?
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