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Occurs when towing 15,000 lbs. Let truck rest 30 minutes and it recovers but problem recurs. Replaced turbo and sensors but problem persists and is very dangerous when hauling on interstate.
Just bought truck. Seems to show rust located in second tank fill tube.
truck was running fine,until plastic turbo hose came off and I lost power put it back on made sure lock was in place took off and no power and only 2400 rpm and only have 30% engine response with pedal,r&r mass air sensor no change,fuel rail press good,unhooked exhaust to elemenate pluged catylist still no power,turbo has good air coming through cooler but will not spull up power braking
Bought van won't start. Put new battery in it an wipers run with no key in switch. Van won't turn over. All dash lights work. Left frt. running light stays on.
The check coolant level warning came on; shortly afterwards the truck's engine shut off. We put coolant in and the engine started, however, now the truck will not move forward or backward and a symbol that looks like a lock on a truck shows up. Please help; there's been no other issues with the truck since we bought it in March.
pulling it up like a 6% grade it will overheat and I have to pull over and let it cool down??
when docking trailer, low revving and slow moving steering becomes non-power. Brakes are quite often "soft" even when steering seems fine. Mechanic says rotors are fissured and needs new pads. Pump is leaking. Is this a Hydroboost thing or just steering pump. Is $3400.00 a reasonable price?
Tech 2 code listed injection pump? Hoping it's only a Injection valve replacement?
Service my 4wd came on on my dash after a guy installed a snow plow on my truck. Could he have shorted out something? There was no problem before he installed the snow plow.
The servcie trailer brake system light just came on and i'm not towing anything.
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