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I had the truck in the shop for front end repair ball joints and tie rods .when I pickup my truck it ran fine and I fueled up before going home. Then the next day it started and ran find two miles down the road there was a noise and smoke and knocking .
just looking for stater
The noise roars and vibrates. 30-35 mph is top speed just happened in a 20 mile trip. It was so bad had to park
It seems to be an electrical "short" that has occurred since a plastic barrel barricade hit the bumper front grill area of the truck
Well reset the passcode by following my lock smith told me to do and was still having issues so a friend came over took him 5 hours but he got it started and it now is in limp mode for whatever reason... I have new battery fuel filter system cleaner does anyone now where the reset button is for the truck. Gm told me that the 2001 gmc 3500 didnt have a passkey but mine did and told me a few other things that were wrong so If anyone can tell me where the reset button is it would be great
Truck was stolen when i got it back they never had the key that went with it so I had to replace the steering column with new key. Cuz they ripped the old one out trying to start it . now i get no fuel at all when i turn it on....
do you have to pull axel
When accelorating during takeoff rpm increase and motor sounds as though it should have shifted already.
To spanish. How do I get them to stay in english?

The heated seat indicator comes on and I shut it off and it constantly comes back on automatically. Any suggestions what the problem would be?
Replaced the front pads the first time @ 137000 mi the rear the first time at 154000 mi. Since then have gone through 4 sets of rear pads and none on the front. Now at 298000 mi rear gone again compleatly front still half there. Without rear breaks there are none front dosent work to hold when in gear.
I've never heard of this .the only way to cut it off is to pull fuse under hood.other wise it will just keep running with switch off and no key.please help
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