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codes come up every day
I ohmed out the switch at the 4 pin connector just behind steering wheel with the switch in the on position I get continuity on two of the pins when I push the button I get no continuity on the other two pins can I assume this is a bad switch.also I did just installed new LED tailights thanks for your help in advance
where is the throttle position sensor located om my 6.0 engine
The check engine light is on, the truck would not change out of 1st gear. The truck was transported to GMC garage. The technician said it needed an updated software for the sensor.
how do I get the sound from the DVD player to come thru the radio instead of the headphones
Put in new radio and battery, fuel and oil gauges are not working
Wwipers only work on high it's not a relay or fuse is it the pulse board maybe ?
How long have you had this problem? 1day
when i press the horn nothing i can not control audio system from steering wheel any more
We have alldata, they show us a location of where it should be, however we have searched this truck, top to bottom, and cannot find the fuel pump flow control unit. It is a closed system so how does it monitor the fuel flow?
Horn works normally when truck is cold and not running. Works when truck is started. Stops working as soon as transmission put in D and brake pedal released. Will not work again until truck turned off and cooled down. I have changed the horn relay- no change. What next? Scan tool?
vehicle on its own, just happened out of the blue, with no other concerns.
I turn it off, try again, it may take 2 or 3 times then it will start normal. It sounds like the starter is cranking, but it either doesn't start, or it starts, runs rough for a second, then it runs fine
The brake lights still work but my cruise control has stopped working. The wires are colored but the switch only has the letters A B C D E and F as identifiers for the wires. How can I find out which terminals the 3 broken wires connect tro?
only happens in 4wd lo or hi
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