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k of the mileage,pain in the rear.


Just left work then tractionconrol light,abs light & another one it said service traction control & service track from stayed on till I got home shut truck off started again they stayed off drove forward & back & still stayed off reason why it came on like to know

on a cycle that allows recirculation there is some heat

it will not defrost

the computer plug for a tester will not read

i been try to change the brake line an a buddy of mine there a block it go into it but i cant find it on a 05 GMC sierra 1500 Z71 SLE can ya'll tell me where it location on the truck

There is 14 volts to the vent solenoid plug with engine running, but when plugged in doesn't work. When I apply battery voltage to solenoid it works fine. Act like power supply from ECM has problem

every time i try and put it in 4x4 it just keeps jumping out of it

wont go back to 2 hi,any suggestions.

The truck has 33289km. I've had it since new. Always taken really good care of. This would be the first engine trouble I've had. Please help.

Dimmer switch . Sorry my spelling not good

i have a GMC sierra 1500 I've change the switch twice an change the actuator three time an am still getting the service 4wd message i check online to find the answer an it's the the same thing change the actuator

and the actuator three time an it still not responceing when am drive an the service 4wd message is coming up

02 GMC Sierra, 5.3
The dash button for 4x4 shows blinking in the 4x4 hi position. When I press the 2 wd button, the actuator arm on the front diff. retracts, extends, retracts and then extends again where it then stays causing the front end to be and stay engaged. (I took the actuator off and plugged it back in to watch it do this) Had my daughter hit the button so I could unplug it when the are retracted so I can at least drive to work on dry roads in 2 wd. With the snow we've had recently, really need to get this figured out and fixed.
I replaced the switch assembly on the dash with no improvement. 4 wd high light blinks and the dash warning says service 4 wd. Any help as to what would cause the actuator motor to extend and retract repeatedly?

Thanks in advance for any help.

installing a jvc radio with navigation and there is a wir to connect to the speed sensor.

At times my speedometer is stuck between 10 and 40 mph when I haven't started moving and when driving moves slowly. other time it's fine or at least I think. It is starting to get worse. I was cited for doing 80 mph when my speedometer was reading 70 on cruise control. My oil pressure gauge is stuck on the high side all of the time.

Every time I go to put down the windows in my truck there is a grinding noise. Could this be a simple fix or is it more complicated?

My truck was in shop to repair exhaust manifold leak and battery went dead. They left key in ignition. They recharged it but now the trans shifts hard 1st to 2nd.

This started after trying to determine why the battery would sometimes go down overnight. Had pulled the fuses and relays one at a time and replaced looking for a short. After this it now only turns over but doesn't start up. I did notice that the steering column doesn't lock any longer. Also by accident inserted the key for my 2006 Silverado and it turned the ignition switch. Could this be a problem with the Passlock? The fuel pump comes on when the ignition is turned on for about 3 seconds and goes off.

had the truck pluged into computer and is not reading any codes or 4wd at all what could be the problem checked grounds and im at a loss now of what to do

bruning oil

when I was driving I got a message that the door was open when it was not. after that everything on the drivers door controls stopped working.

Everything was going normal, I drove to a store. Came out of the store and tried to start up my truck but it wouldn't start up (never had this issue before) and I just kept trying, it eventually started. I tried to move my truck, but all the lights on the instrument panel started to flash and sometimes stay on. The gauges would start off at their normal spots but then quickly all drop down to 0. The engine kept stalling, no matter what speed I was going. The truck would only run for a maximum of 1.5min. I was uncomfortable with getting it on the road (severely freaked out actually) so I parked it and got a different ride home. It was like everything just completely stopped immediately. I tried about 30-40 times to get my truck working, but I couldn't even make it halfway around a very small parking lot before it died again.

air only comes out main vents, no defrost or floor when selected. 2003 1500 SLT.

Does the windshield washer resivor need to be removed?

My 4x4 is stuck in 4lo, replaced everything , what should I do next?

when its in 4wd the front wheels do not spin at all but when i put it in 4wd and jacked it up the wheels were all locked in 4wd

how to remove ac condenser

Changed sensors, engine light still on! computer printout mentioned a "FUSE" plus the O2 sensors to be changed. Is there a fuse in this system? Codes:P0161,P0141.P0060, P0056, P0054, P0036