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2007 GMC Sierra 1500 4wd 4.8l
My horn stops working one day then starts again the next and so forth. Im trying to figure out the problem. I checked the fuse and the fuse is fine. Im not sure where exactly the horn relay is located and I also believe I only have the one horn on my model(drivers side under headlight) because when I activate the locking alarm it makes the same pitch sound as my actual horn. Not high or low. Maybe the line is corroded due to rain or maybe its a bad connection or have gotten some water on the horn. Any ideas on how to fix the problem? Also I'm looking for the horn relay so I can check it. Its not in the under hood fuse box with the other fuses so maybe they put the relays somewhere else?
air doesnot blow out of the vents on the dashboard only blows out of the vents on the side of the dash board and the console. its cold though.i want to know why it is not coming out of the dashboard,
Second set of disc brakes since I have owned this truck. I have replaced everything from the hub out on both sides: rotor, caliper, and brake pads. I still get lots of noisy clanking from the front brakes when under way,especially if I hit a bump or hole in the road. A little pressure on the brake pedal and "wa-la" no noise...???????
Driving down highway and cruise control just quits. During those faults the left turn signal also does not work. Switch off and back started again usually fixes the problem?????
When in park I can increase the throttle manually and it will increase but still has a little miss.
Checked fluid in front transfer case...a little low but no metal shavings.. Jacked up both front wheels and can only turn them about a half of a turn or so
I am taking a long trip. My mechanic says the next thing which will probably fail is my water pump. It is a 4.8L V8 in a quad cab pickup. I am not showing any leaking at 145,000 with original pump. Would it be prudent to get a water pump replacement before my trip?
It only stayed on for a second and when right off, and hasn't been on since. I was switching from HIGH to see if the light would come on, but it has not displayed again. Wondering if I have anything to worry about. My truck is a 2001 with 120,000 miles...but it is in MINT condition. Any advice would be helpful! Thank you in advance!
my 6 month old 4L60 trany (still under warranty) acts as though it's slipping going into 2nd. It does not do it from a stop. Only when I slow down below 20mph then accelerate. I contacted the manufacturer and they said check the MAF. After further examination I discovered 4 codes have been set off. P0171, P0174, P0300, & P0332. After researching these I've come to realize there's more to it than the MAF. From what I can see the MAF is clean and good. Unless there's a problem in female end of the connector. I don't have the money nor time to just start replacing parts. Where should I start in order to fix the shift issue so I do not ruin my brand new trany and potentially void the warranty?
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