GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid Questions

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The vehicle still shifts fine and sound fine when I'm over 30 mph
The A/C only work in the hybrid mode and when the engine starts it blows hot air
Ac was blowing hot air on the drivers side and cold on the passengers. I put some freone in and it blows cold while it's in auto stop mode but as soon as the engine starts back up it blows hot again.
It's a sqeaky noise that comes from the transmission when turning the wheel slightly back in forth
i drove the truck this morning and all the gauges were funky. Check engine light came on so I went back home and shut the truck off . It won't start and it says Hybrid system needs serviced. Help
my dealer told that gm had a bulletin on this but they could not fin today. the bang does not happen all the time. but can feel some under normal braking
I've noticed on numerous occasions that my 2009 Sierra Hybrid has problems finding the right gear when applying the accelerator from a dead stop. The truck starts to move but then you feel an abrupt and significaqnt lurch in momentum as it shifts from EV to gas. Is this normal? It reminds of the days when i was just learning to drive a stick shift. Not good.
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