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Sometimes there are no lights on the switch, or it will show 2hi, 4lo, or neutral but it never actually goes into 4lo. It does not matter what button you push it doesn't change anything.
2002 GMC sierra. Time or cost to remove and install transfer case only. Without removing encoder motor
key but it doesnt do anything, there is no clicking or noise of any kind, can you help me.
Trucks starts cold fine then dies out. Pulls crankshaft sensor code change and no change
replaced throttle body and wiring harness and pedal position sensor. Happens at all different times and conditions. you have to pull over and let sit a few minutes then start back up and runs. Please help???? What could it be? Code reader says dealer specific code but they just want to keep changing parts and charging fees with no resolution. I see plenty of these on the road and know I cant be the only person with this issue. I have tried everything suggested on the internet so far. Please help?
last week new tune up (plugs / wires), new air and fuel filter, new fuel regulator
when i turn on key fuel gauge goes to 55 psi and then drops to 0 psi, but when i turn key the rest of the way to start it starts (sometime i crank for 3 sec and stop then start cranking and it starts) then fuel pressure is 48 psi and fluxuates a little when giving it gas
It only comes out in the defrost mode
I pulled brakes, caliper is good. I was going to pull shaft and pin see if it was in gear box or shaft. I had to have surg so was unable to do that. Just curious if there was a bad part that was prominent in this modle like axle bearings or the like.
it could be a security anti theft problem, also put in a new key and ignition
This problem is intermittent
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