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is out. When engine is warm the light goes on and the transm goes from low to high gear.
car will not go over 35mph when light is out

The A?C and fan work fine

The 5.7l threw a rod on the freeway. It's history.

Threw a rod.

I've checked all fuses relating to both the lighter and the hazardous lights under the hood and under the seat and all are good. There are no other lights, warnings etc. coming on. I am at a loss, what else should I be looking at/for?

When i am driving my diesel gmc savana, it does push the gas looks like i am pushing the gas but not me. When i am on neutral position it does shake also sometimes iy feel like engine will stop.

checked fuel pressure...power to the coil/icm/cam sensor/switch the crank sensor with a working spark from the coil.any help...looking in to changing the computer

Gages come on when water temp goes to 260

when head lights on problem worse.also gear indicator flashes w signals.

We have a 15-passenger van that has started slipping into neutral randomly at speeds above 40MPH. Has happened three times so far. Without warning, the van will studder for a moment, the speedometer will drop to 0, and pressing the gas will result in higher engine RPM's but no increase in speed. The first time it happened was during a heavy rainstorm and we thought maybe it was from driving through puddles of water on the road. Tonight it happened again, twice, at highway speeds with clear weather conditions. Pulling over, shifting to Park, then shifting back to Drive seems to "reset" it.

starves of fuel ,no power, after longer driving,might disappear after fuelup

I have been having problems over the years with no starts. I had the truck running the other day ready to drive off and the truck died. I checked gas (gas gauge problems for years now), and added gas,and still no start. I hear the fuel pump when turning key to "on" position. I wanted to look at the ECU to see if it is corroded, but can't locate it. Thanks for any help!

It idles very high that i have to put in gear to come down?? Thank you

I change the oil and filter on my box truck and was told by a auto parts sales associate to put 5 qt in, I did all that then the ck engine light comes on is that enough oil or something else is wrong?

headlights work only if switch is moved to manual position

I have a 2005 GMC savana 3500 work van. sometime while i am driving all my gauge and speedometer and radion stop working randomly and will stop for a minute maybe 2 and then come back on. i cant seem to get an answer why?i drove 5 mile and it did it twice just today 7/10/ just started 3 days ago.

Replaced belt

Van finally started, but loss of power when put in gear. What could this be?