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how often oil change for work truck
2002 gmc savanna 3500
Temperature gauge keeps going up and down
The only code is P0700, I can start the vehicle by energizing the 40 amp starter fuse. I can clear the codes and they will not come back until I start the engine
rear signals work fine with hazards on but nothing at the front. if i try to put on signals with steering wheel lever i get quick flashing in the rear but still nothing at the front?? replaced the control relay under dash by right side of drivers already and still the same. please help?
a GMC rebuilt engine was installed in January
I had the battery tested it is fine. I thought it might be a bad fuel pump but but when I hook the battery to a charger it starts the first time every time once the charger is removed the van cranks but wont start.
They just locked up on me
Wheel bearings are bad and need to remove the front hubs
There is no power going to that plug and no fuses are blown
when going about 80 km/hr, speedometer is reading 180...engine seems to kick off...when speedometer drops the engine kicks back on with a big bang. This has just started and the vehicle is not hot or cold
sounds like starter not engaging, just a wiring sound. Computer analizer won't work on van
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