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To set the time on the radio
key in on, engine not running new purge valve clicking open n close with gages going to needle stop and than back fast over n over ( mostly gas gage but other move as well ) before stopping, lost of power when get started and shuts off. ran good before three days of rain.
Owners manual not available
greetings, The truck starts and changes very well, makes a small vibration in high, when you stop at a traffic light or reduce that you have to stop and then start neutral and only accelerates does not walk the vehicle. Sometimes he gives a cantaso and applies and sometimes he comes back and throws it out, I change it manually and it continues to function normally. I have two Duramax 2012 GMC diesel trucks with 50,000 miles each and both are making me the same problem. Take one to repair the transmission and today they gave it to me and it is the same as taking it to repair, it makes the same problem. I will appreciate your help
Just fixed the thermostat yesterday and the car started up right away, no problem. The day before the car would not start due to the cold. After warming up for 30 minutes the temp. gauge started to work and the leak began.
Clumpy black fluid from front of car on the right side.
Haven't started it since, wondering if it is linked with the radiator function because we could not locate the cap (supposed to be next to coolant tank)
Any answer would be helpful
how often oil change for work truck
2002 gmc savanna 3500
Temperature gauge keeps going up and down
The only code is P0700, I can start the vehicle by energizing the 40 amp starter fuse. I can clear the codes and they will not come back until I start the engine
rear signals work fine with hazards on but nothing at the front. if i try to put on signals with steering wheel lever i get quick flashing in the rear but still nothing at the front?? replaced the control relay under dash by right side of drivers already and still the same. please help?
a GMC rebuilt engine was installed in January
I had the battery tested it is fine. I thought it might be a bad fuel pump but but when I hook the battery to a charger it starts the first time every time once the charger is removed the van cranks but wont start.
They just locked up on me
Wheel bearings are bad and need to remove the front hubs
There is no power going to that plug and no fuses are blown
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