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Could this be the fuel pump
no clicking noise
NA. Just inquiring about the manufacturing of the van
there is no voltage at the plug going to the tail light assy.
wont shift into drive, all other shifting is good, and has fluid. Is there any kind of fuse or sensor that is related to the shifting of the transmission
How do I find out if this car has a chain or a belt
i brought the engine
Starter, battery, and alternator tests good but engine cranks slow or just clicks several times then then may start slow or have to jump. Battery takes a charge but only lasts a day or so. Cables at battery and starter are clean
First one speaker stop working than the other one
got stuck in snow 1-31-17
lotta spinning to get out.
2-1-17 took off from red light, normal acceleration, noticed
hesitation in drive line "lash" and
heard a clunk, return to normal
operation, no further problem
Battery has been replaced but didn't fix the issue. The problem seems to occur more often when trying to start the van after it has recently been run. (Stalled at the gas pump, in a parking lot after getting groceries.)

When it doesn't start and the key is turned, the van has full power to all functions (including radio.) It's as if the ignition doesn't recognize the key is turning because there's no "pause" in electrical connection to any of the steering column.

No engine light occurs, nor do any errors show up. I had it at O'Reilly and they tested a good battery and alternator.
Replaced torque converter last week everything good til I put it in reverse then instantly the motor shuts off.
Goes from ambient (85) to peg gauge (230+) in < 5 min idling. Infrared thermometer reads under 160 on heads (header manifolds barely 210). Replaced pump, stat, hoses, belts and temp switch (85,000 mi) for small leak at pump rotor seal which precipitated overheating trouble. Engine shuts off when guage hits 235. No other apparent problems, no trouble codes logged. Runs perfect otherwise. Repeatable over and over. All stock. Private use 1 driver vehicle. Computer issue? Help appreciated.
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