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why is my safari carriage so squeaky? not the pop associated with ball joints just eee eee eee sqeaky! and there is a smooth bounce to it when on the road..could both be from shocks
i thought it might be the flywheell but then i jacked the back ened of the truck up on stands and it didnt ping at all
after all this emission report read "incomplete" no visible pipe cracks..what else should I look for ERG issue?
I did a scan for my check engine light and it says cylinder 3 is misfiring
steering feels very loose
When shutting off engine, dash gauges go down as I would expect. 5 sec later they go back up. Something is not shutting off.
My windshield wipers will quit working. I found on here that there was a recall in 2007 for this problem.
Think my radiator fluid is from here.
I have a leak behind the ac compressor that trickles down the front of the motor. I thought it was the thermostat or the water pump but all is good with them.
It is about 10 inches long has a yellow head it;s a female 3 prong and it is a wire. It is wrapped in some kind of tape for heat protection. It seems to be connected to a small bolt in to the frame to the right of the oil filter about 5 inches back.It wasn't hanging down the last time I checked. Can't find what is is suppose to be plugged into
Any solutions I found like change cylinder or check short circuit or change fuell pump check I ignition circuit , veteran module ,fusses relays, wiring , has no trouble. Battery is new .starter I do not know what I can do whit this problem. So if some body can help. Anticipated thanks for.
3 doors cant figure out how top open to open up two under it?
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