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We've already replaced the water pump, and flushed the radiator as well as changed the thermostat twice, Everything was running fine for a while but it's happening again. He changed the thermostat the other day and added coolant to the radiator, it fixed for about 24hrs now it's doing the same thing again.
it is still tweeting, what could it be? it does it all the time.
Replaced the cruise control, hazard switch. Replaced brake senser on brake pedal. Three times. Worked for a little while. Now I have no horn, no brke lights, no dome lights. And again no curise control. I can tell when my brk lights aren't working when cruise control does not.
I was driving home and my 1992 GMC Jimmy died on me. I tried to crank the engine, but it didn't turn over, I figured fuel pump, I replaced fuel pump, rotor and distributer cap. But for some reason it still will not start. I'm an electrician by trade, so I'm not very car savvy!
I bought a replacement switch and the collar isn't in the same position on the switch. Is there a way to adjust it?
a new fuel pump. I was quoted $2128.09, is this accurate? Plus the differential would be used.
The headlights cut on and off after running for about ten minutes thought it was the alternator so replaced that and the still do it what could it be?
1993 GMC Jimmy SLS 4X4
94k original miles

Just put in new plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, coolant temp sensor and switch, and a few more things. Can't figure out why I am having an idle only issue/misfire. Also pop noise from tailpipe.
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