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Doesnt matter if the engine is cold or 200 degrees my idle in park is roughly 700rpm and feathering the gas peddle when putting it into gear seems to have no effect. Already replaced the idle air control valve even tried changing the TPS though I think the new one is bad as it idles at 1500rpm and the engine still stalls when putting into drive/reverse. Thus far no check engine light.
Truck seems to be running fine except for when I try to reverse
Who ever did the tune up last ended up cross threading the spark plug cylinder. Trying to find a tap big enough but need to know the pitch
Tail lights don't come on when headlamps on, I've checked fuses, changed all bulbs, checked relay switch. All lights work headlights, blinkers, hazards, turn signals and reverse but tail lights won't light up when headlights on. been told it's the ground wire not sure where or how to fix my self or what it might cost at a shop.
on the fuel tank gauge not reading right.
All 4 electronic door locks quit working one day after I got a jump start though the rear hatch still works and the fuse is good (neither the actual switches nor the remote will lock/unlock any of the doors. almost seems as if their not getting power (though when i remove/re-insert the fuse the doors automatically lock)
Starts up fine and when I get up to 40 miles an hour then the jimmy dies out. Then I have to wait for about 10 to 15 min to start the jimmy back up. Then it is slow starting to go down the road with out it stalling out again. The longer I let it sit the better it will run after it has died out. do you know what the problem is with this.
The loud noise is coming from rear 4x4 push button lights arent light on 2hi 4lo or 4hi and when i put it in gear still holding in brake my mph goes up not high but like 5 or 6. Not sure of the issue just happened wasnt like that when i got out got back in and wouldnt start got a jump and all of this
Replaced the master cylinder thinkin that was it and the brake light went off but the abs wont...abs control module maybe?
4.3 engine
One day the truck starts fine next it doesn't. Battery and alternator have been checked it the security system.
my 1995 Kimmy starts at times it will idle bat give gas it stalls
When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash
Anytime I drive, it does not seem to hold gas in the tank. It always seems I have to keep going to the gas station. I'm not sure if my fuel pump is causing the problem
When I turn the wheel to the left, I hear a knocking sound that seems to come from the front wheel.
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