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especially if i start it in the am, itll misfire anywhere above 1500 rpm sounds kind of like its slurping air and very sloppy, i checked vacuum for leaks and its sealed properly, and i have been forced to drive the vehicle for a while to work (80 mile round trip 5 times a week ) and today i noticed that all of the sudden my vehicle lost a lot of pulling power while i was giving it some gas on the highway, and now no matter what i do it seems that if i give it gas anywhere above 2500 rpm it wont pull any harder, wondering it its got something to do with the trans ? also, can you help me diagnose the root of the problem in the first place ? ( as far as i got was i need spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, (( unfortunately my vehicle has the ""spider"" injection system thats famous for breaking on my engine,... just very confused and scared as to why the sudden loss of power, ( and misfire reduced btw (usually happens when im close to shifting gears now barely any misfire, and half my horsepower....) Help !!!!! i really need to have a proffesional opinion of whether i should sink more money into it or buy something new !! if there is any way of speaking live to a consultant on this matter i would greatly appreciate it!!! "" thanks in advance !!""
Code came after I replaced the intake manifold gasket i erase the code but comes back on in mins runs good but when starting I have to crack more then once I also just gave it a tune up but code still comes up any help thanks
I was also told that they are odd sizes.
now my car is stalling and will not start ...what can i do now to get my truck running ....need help now???? is it something simple that i need to do ??
i looking to buy this jimmy, but when i got in therer was like 2qrts of watewr pooled up on the drivers side floor. the guy tried to tell me they left window open but the seats were not wet. i really like truck but i think there is somthging really baad with it. the guy said they replaced the intake manifold gasket, but i think that is the problem
I have already changed wheel bearings,master cylinder,calipers,and I also changed brakes hoses 2 years ago! Any ideas please
gas is leaking through the fuel lines,lines are coroted
treaded ? Book says hold pump pulley then remove ,but how?
thanks for HELP!!!
i was told that i could access it thru the glove box after cutting out the rear, i dont want to take the intire dash off, this is a sle model if it makes a difference
Fuse is good. Bulbs are good. Contacts are in good shape.
My plastic reservoir is full, when I drive for 10 min I get the eng light on.. Is it the water pump or radiator that needs replacing.. Also I have to put anifreeze in every week
The receiver/dryer is cold. Compressor working. But blowing hot air in vehicle. need to know how to determine why air not cold. Took off glove box and lower dash. All diaphrams that I can see are working, change air direction and open flap for recirulation. What changes from heat to cold. Tempature control, diaphram change airflow from heat to cool? Thanks
It will only blow on low.
Tune-up idle speed
also need to get idle speed solenoid, where?
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