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replacement of bearrings on the ring and pinion gear.
The smoke comes from where the air conditioner buttons are, and the smell is like burning rubber. the small heater was replaced about a year ago and i didn't have any problems for a year, now i can't touch the air button because as soon as i do that it looks like there's a fire under the dash. Thanks in advance for your help.

It maybe the air trap control or it maybe wiring had major body work done 6 months ago it worked fine and heater stopped working when radiator was fixed way before the body work was done like a year before the heater was flushed recently the heater worked for one day but the ac was still working til about a month ago....what do think it may be....
just had my 2 front tires replaced and had it aligned
I have plowed my drive all winter with it but @ any given time 4 wheel goes out but switch is still on . Disconnect batt. cables and waite a few minutes and then fine for while.Happens more often and afraid to take it over the road to plow.It has push button 4-wheel but when it goes your done, no traction anywhere and seems only one wheel enguaging.
The dirver side window would not work at all. I want the check the switch first before checking the motor.
I have changed MAF and O2 Sensor. Blew cigar smoke into booster hose into intake to area to detect leak. I changed intake and throttle gaskets. This happens noticeably when approaching a half tank or when driving for long period.
We bought a 2000 GMC Jimmy a couple months ago. Will never buy another after this one! Been nothing, but problems! Anyways, last I visited my father, getting ready to leave I started the car and what sounded like knocking. The oil had been a quart low, after putting it in, my father (a mechanic for 40 years), said maybe it was from that, but went to start it this morning it did it again. Oil level was fine. After warming up, it stop doing it. What could cause it to do that?
wen gassing up the light come on
This isn't the first vehicle I have had to do engine repairs on just my first solo. Need some help!!!

I just got it back on the road after getting tags and registration changed over to Oregon after my move when maybe a month later my 1995 GMC Jimmy 4.3L Vortex engine blew oil all over my front and underside of engine. I had just replaced the water pump and a top hose for the anti-freeze. Now this.

Where do I start looking for the problem and where do I start repairs?
I replaced the blend door motor on my 98 jimmy and when I plug it it and watching it before I put it in place ,it cycles back and forth nonstop while the key is on, what is the problem/
i have a 1997 gmc jimmy when i go to start it i can hear the fuel pump engage but when it trys to start i will get a few clicks before it starts is this a starter problem or flywheel or what do u think?
I also flushed the heater core and both hose get hot so not clogged, but still blows cold air, can it be anything other than blend door motor, and what would be the fix for any of the issues that it might be, P.S. its still cold in Wisconsin
can you please explain how to fix it too?
If I switch back and forth it causes the left blinker to blink.
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