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abs chatter when stopping, no idiot lights, can hear abs module running, new front wheel bearings both sides from being noisy, abs chatter there before this work. ABS module?

With truck running and idling all the lights flicker. when the door is ajar and dome light on you can really tell that they are flickering, or while setting at a light you can see them flickering. any way to fix this??

Can anyone tell my an easy way to get at the trans vent tube short of droping the rear cross member and lowering the Trans.

My sons 2001 GMC Jimmy was overheating when he got home the other day. I let it cool down and then I checked the coolant level in the radiator and I noticed engine oil in the radiator. I checked the oil dipstick and there was none showing on it. I thought blown headgasket or worst case cracked head or block. How can you tell if it's a blown headgasket rather than a cracked head or a cracked block?

I started the vehicle like always when i shifted to reverse it wont work

I will crank the truck to get started but it will not fire up, i have had a tune up completed, fuel injector cleaner. To start the truck i need to spray starter fluid into the Carburetor.

sometimes when i start my 2000 jimmy i hear this whinig sound and when i rev engine or start to drive it goes away could it be something to do with the exhaust

96 Jimmy with auto Transmission leaks between the pan and the case when warm out side and you travel a distance of 10 miles or more now that it is cold out it don't leak, when it is hot it just sprays it out every where, I have changed the Gasket several times, put on a high priced silacone gasket and it was worse, put on an alum. Pan nothing seems to help but the cold weather, It has a new radiator, the fluid looks and smels ok. Don't Know

I have a '92 Jimmy 4WD with high miles on it. Seems to be losing oil and coolant. I just replaced the water pump, coolant temp sensor and thermostat. When I drained the coolant, I noticed heavy traces of oil floating on top. Is there a tell-tale if it's either the cooler or head gasket without having to pull heads?

i replaced my temp sensor on the side of the block changed the thermostate and all coolnt and my temp gauge does not read anything its on a 99 gmc jimmy

When I try to shift to 4 wh Switch on dash works but does'nt shift front axle. If I put it in 4 wh low tranfer case goes in to low but still no 4 wh drive!
Car has 109,000 mi and electric push buttons on dash for 4wh drive function.

how do you change a heater core on this vehicle?

the spider needs to be replaced

we hooked a jumper box dirrectly to the wires with no every time we hook the wires to the battery it will try to start without the ignition being on anyone have a sollution.

won't shift into park

I was told my Jimmy has a floating suspension. When hitting a common bump it sways back n forth (side to side), everyone in the truck, heads will bobble back n forth, what is the best way to fix this, and how much can be done DIY??

How do I purchase a new crate GMC engine with warranty?

My cruise control does not work on my jimmy v6, is there anything i can check to see why its not working or do i have to take in to a shop?

I have a 2001 gmc jimmy 4.3 v6. When i go to start it in the mornings it starts right up, but through out the day when i go to start it i have to try 3 to 4 times before it starts and when it does it act like it doesn't want to start. Need help.

I have recently changed my turn signal bulbs because they are flashing really fast as if a bulb has blown. I changed all my bulbs and it is still doing the same thing.Is there somehthing else i should try?

i am tring to locate the temperature sensor on my 2001 Jimmy, can someone tell me where it may be located.

P0410 . Secondary Air . I have replaced the Idle Air Valve at the carb. throat , that was fun . I have replaced the Air (smog) pump itself and the solenoid next to it along with the rubber hoses connected to it . Everything seems fine for a while , but , eventually the check engine light comes on again and when i check...the computer says it's still the secondary air system . I don't think there's anything left to replace in the system ....and by the way...sometimes when i come to a slow stop , the engine quits ..but starts right back up .

I have a 2000 GMC jimmy.why does air blow out of heat vents when blower motor is turned off? When you change the temputre to hot or cold it gets hot or cold just blows air when blower is turned off. help plz

Turn signals do not work and can not find the location.

I have an anti-freeze odor when I put heater on. Has been diagnost as a small leak in heater core.

when i stop at the light it cuts off but everything else is fine

no heat check fuses has radiator flush blower work thermostat find told about temp.valve actuator what is it how much it cost where can I find one

i just got a 94 jimmy its stuck in 4 wheel high and will not go in 4w low and don't know how to get it in 2wd

starts hard when cold have to dump gas in tb even wont start when warm somtimes checked fuel pump psi good somtimes acts like running out of fuel not often checked filter not plugged got me stumped CAL

It is actually a 1987. Does not want to start on first try. Cranks over, i was told something about a starter clutch, didnt realize that they are on cars too. Obviously gas and power is good, anyone got any ideas.