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Something is broke in the door latch can I get the panel off with the door with the door closed.
I am experiencing a high idle problem with my 1998 GMC Envoy (Jimmy). It idles between 1500 and 2000. It is throwing the P0102 code, mass air flow sensor. I changed the mass sensor with no change. I then cleaned the throttle body and change the idle control valve, still no change in idle.I checked for vacuum leaks and found none. Replaced the throttle position sensor and still no change. I replaced the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets and still no change. What could possibly be causing this high idle problem??
they are both power seats, but the passenger seat goes up higher than the driver seat. I could use higher driver seat.

Is it safe to drive my GMC Envoy if it is leaking differential fluid?
heater and ac both the same
I've tried recharging it but it says the freon is fine
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