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the wind broke the visor and all that was left was the brakelight

so I replaced battery in 2 keyless controllers and tried resetting like directions on you tube did not work cannot unlock doors with remote also my rear door does not lock and the wiper does not work either I unlocked rear latch by hand after i did that wiper stopped working at all and the rear back door will not lock even when I lock the doors with the lock switch on driver side door it only locks 2 front doors and 2 rear doors not the rear door

I switch on the car after that turn on the AC , but the air not come out and the compressor switch on.

It turns over but doesn't start

It just stopped running and now won't turn over

The freon was low, so I added 2 cans & a can of the oil additive. It brought the pressure back in the correct range and worked fine for a few days. Now it is blowing extremely hot air & the pressure is still correct. The compressor seems to be running ok. Any solutions?

The power locks on the van does not work, not even with the remote control. I checked the fuse box inside and found no bad fuses. What could be the problem for the power locks not to work?

I just recently purchased a 2013 Terrain, it was a lease return. All was ok up until about 2 months after purchasing it. When I start the vehicle up it runs really ruff. Then after about 2 minutes of just ideling (warming up my car) it appears to disapear. Why?

I have a 97 GMC Jimmy it will start and run fine and park or neutral but when I go to put it in gear reverse or drive it wants to die like it's not getting fuel it starts backfiring and cutting out I have replaced distributor cap and rotor new spark plugs new wires new fuel filter the only thing I have not replaced on it is the fuel pump could this just be a vacuum issue or something else these problems started a couple weeks ago any help I can get on this issue would be great thanks for your time and be safe y'all

FOB transmitter (0-GM904F) programmed correctly but does unlock/lock door. Maybe receiver is problem but cant find it in passenger door.

fix or service A/C .Will not cool,

Ever time I drive it any in all gears

We have alldata, they show us a location of where it should be, however we have searched this truck, top to bottom, and cannot find the fuel pump flow control unit. It is a closed system so how does it monitor the fuel flow?

I've replaced the TPS plugs wires fuel filter fuel pressure regulator and cleaned the throttle body. It's still running horrible. Does not want to idle in the morning, it will run for about 10 seconds then die. When I finally take off it will fall on its face and back fire, even if I hold it to the floor it'll do nothing, then all at once it'll accelerate like mad then start back firing and stalling. Could it be the EGR or O2 sensor or both

Could problem be the fuse

Driver seat will go all directions except forward

Engine sputter after heating up, keeps cracking spark plugs, losses power and engine light comes on. Replace spark plug 1 and runs good for about 2 weeks and it happens again

I was driving it and it died at a stop sign,it has gas. It turns over but won't start, I removed gas cap and listened for fuel pump and its working. Any suggestions?

when you use the brakes, door locks go up and down, cruise - will brake itself, hazards come on with brake or turn signal....stupid ghost stuff. no consistency

Recently dash lights come on when we start to drive and the heater stops. We have had the vehicle 3 months and we're getting ready to get a mechanic go thru it.

code is both parts work together

I have to try & fix money but need truck

Driver side window won't go down from master switch but passenger window will but stops and starts back it's worst when it's cold outside

Blew hot air off and on before

The rear u joint, the rear yok, and the output seal, and I'm leaking trany fluid, the van won't go into second gear

Error code from Auto Zone is P0024

It was driving fine then it wouldn't go please help me

6.5 turbo

I have replaced head gaskets, checked valves and lifters and they are good. Replaced spark plugs, distributor cap and still get the code P0300 and no check engine light

Just started about a month ago