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Hi I have a 1997 Gmc Jimmy that’s overheating. When starting the truck it takes longer for it to heat up but when driving a small distance it gets all the way up to 260 degrees and drives fine. It doesnt appear to have any issues driving, no smoke, it does show some power loss but it does have 219,000 miles on it. Idk if it’s a coolant leak or not. I put antifreeze in it yesterday when it started over heating. There is still antifreeze in it and iy didnt appear to help anything.
2002 gmc savanna 3500
Several oil leaks on the pickup. Been sitting for over a year due to my dad's health. Been told from a mechanic that head gaskets are leaking, timing cover, value covers and oil pan gaskets need replaced should buy a new engine. This seems a little extreme, the vehicle has 99,500 miles on it. What could it be, would a dye test be recommended. is the engine shot? Please help. Do head gaskets leak, I understand value covers but never heard about head gaskets.

Thank you
Electrical sound service engine light on meters jumping will not start
i replaced the entire fuse box and its not turning over. mechanic saids the computer needs to be reset.
The vehicle is a 1977 GMC MIDAS RV (not in the vehicle list for selection) with the stock autotrans. It suddenly would not go into park when I stopped to get the mail and I later discovered it would not go into reverse as well. The fluid is fine, clean, right level. 57.8K original is not worn out. It drives fine and all other gears shift smoothly and there is no sign of slippage. I am thinking maybe linkage. I am just learning to walk again, by GOD's grace, and am thinking of getting my hands dirty. This is my only transportation and will soon be my only home the way things are looking. GOD's will be done. Need some insightful advice, if no one minds too much. : ) THANKS in advance. Scott in Bloomington, IN
My truck just keep stop but start right back up when it cools off!
Slow to start after fillup, smell emission and has a little "jerkiness" . Already had a diagnostic test done.
What is it going to cost me to replace the XM antenna on my vehicle? It is failing and I really like my XM radio
Noise and clicking when turned on but it stops engine to
Temperature gauge keeps going up and down
Shudder seems to correspond to acceleration but also seems to occur right before car shifts into 2nd and 3rd gear. Doesn't seem to shudder at higher speeds (>50 mph) when accelerating.
I have a 1997 gmc suburban 5.7L. It runs rough when I start it and almost dies when I put it in gear. But it seems to run ok as long as I’m giving it gas but as soon as I let off it starts running rough again
Hi! Recently, the warning sounds on my 2015 GMC Yukon XL started disappearing. By warning sounds I mean the sounds that chime when the car is started or when the turn signal is on. This happened once before, but then everything came back to normal. Then in the last week, this started occurring very frequently and now appears to be consistent. The radio can be played no problem. I also know that these warnings sounds are played through the left front speaker located under the dashboard. Just now I tested that speaker and while I can hear the radio through it, the warning sounds were very faint at first and then disappeared completely. I would greatly appreciate any help on this problem! Thank you very much!
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