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I have no dash lites/tail lites. My fuse in dash fuse box is not hot. I preplaced it with new fuse and it's still not hot. Is there another fuse somewhere else
I tried to add freon in the a/c and the dial shot all the way up to the red... how can I lower the pressure on the cylinder?
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
have changed map sensor with a new one a couple of times fixes it for a while
How long have you had this problem? 6 months
TRuck cuts off when cold..when I crank it at first .it occurs everyday..anytime of the day.. once it's on for 10 mins it stays on ..just trying figure out the problem.. Dat could cause these issue..
so if im at the stop light going to take off goes to 35 if i try to go faster it wont and bogs in and out
Why does my truck stalled when I push the accelerator it started happening all of a sudden one night when I was driving home had to have the truck towed home
I was driving along and all of a sudden my 1998 3500 sierra tried to stall and when I try to push the Excelerator it stalls
Truck misses n loses power
I put in an actuator that I know is good, that one does not extend either, the transfer case shifts into 4 wheel drive and will spin the front drive shaft but the differential will not lock in. I am curious if there is a common wiring issue or if someone knows how much power should be at the front actuator
Truck won't come out of low gear and revs super high rpm between 3.and 4 rpm then sends code
My truck (as listed above), would not start, even though it had power. Check Starter, relays, and fuses. Replaced Starter, still the same, checked fuses again, no fuse listed 'Starter" but found one listed "Crank", it was blown, I replaced it (10 amp), truck started as usual, then started blowing the same fuse repeatedly, and now cannot be cranked at all without blowing the fuse immediately.
It barley started to have this problem were It shut off by it self and it won't start
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