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Its doing this everytime i drive it and i have replaced the egr control ,the map or maf sensor its located behind throttle body with just one vaccum lind an electrical wire ,the o2 sensor, all vaccum lines , throttle body base gasket ,Plug wites distributor cap ,rotor button ,and fuel filter
The ignition key is in the off position and yet the oil,temp& gas gauges read as if the truck is running.Had to jump-start the battery was dead.
I changed all the valve body and parts. Truck drove one day the next day no move. If I increase pedal it will go in gear . Let up pedal back to no move. I was going to pressure test from side of trans. But no pressure
on 1994 gmc had fuel pump replaced not sure if wiring is right or even maybe lines on wrong
I put the new sensors on and the truck runs fine after restarting the truck 2 more times the sensors go bad again
Just had transmission rebuilt shit good until it gets hot I change the ignition switch didn’t help what else could it be
It happens intermittently when accelerating between 20 and 40 mph.

Its a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 3.2 liter engine
Motor Runs Good . But the transmission doesn't. It starts in 2nd gear then shifts into 3rd at 30 MPH. it will not shift into 4th or OD. Reverse work fine. A few days before this started ,I noticed that holding the throttle steady between 40 and 60 MPH It would feel like the Tork Converter Lock-up was kicking in and out. Engine RPM's would rise and fall 200 RPM's .I also noticed that I could simulate this same issue by slightly depressing and releasing the throttle. I don't hear any funny noises or notice any strange sensations except sluggish starting in 2nd gear. I have 3500 Mi. on re-man. transmission , fluid is nice ,clean and red . does not smell burned.
Truck shifts hard from L1 to L2 After truck warms to operating temp and driving a distance. Shifts perfectly first thing ever morning.
Doesn't shift to low gear after driving a distance.can shift it manually. Also no overdrive ever. Truck was in flood.
Is there anyway to bypass and get rid of the passlock security system as this is a problem in the vehicle I have done the relearn procedure about 13 times it will not accept the relearn what can I do to fix this problem without taking it to the dealer who obviously engineered the truck incorrectly with their faulty wiring in the ignition
If no low beam relay, other than change out dimmer switch, is there any other way to repair?
No low beam lights. High work fine. Cannot locate low beam relay. Nothing marked as suggested from other sites I've read.
No low beams. High beams work fine.
ill transmission from 2003 gmc siera fit 1990 gmc siera
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