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I have replaced cap,rotor button, plugs,wires,coil,ignition module, computer and nothing fixes it.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot dry days
How long have you had this problem? Long time
Will crank and idle fine but as soon as you accelerate engine misfires. When I get moving it runs fine from about 30 to 70 mph. I have changed the following parts without improvement . Fuel pump, filter (air and fuel), injector mechanism in manifold, throttle sensor, oxygen sensor, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, rotor cap. Also replaced fuel with premium and added Lucas Cleaner and cleaned the throttle body. Twice I have grounded battery cables to reset system which does turn turn SES light off momentarily. Engine Soon light still on.
I switched out the ignition key cylinder on my truck. Now, due to the anti theft system, I am unable to start my truck. I have followed every step in the relearn procedure but I am still unable to start my truck. After trying to start the truck (and it dies), I leave the key on the "on" position however, the "Security" light only flashes three times and turns off. It does not turn back on or flash or anything after the 10 minutes (where the light should have remained on and then turned off) and I have tried this multiple times but the light will not stay on. Any advice?
It ran fine when I parked it, about a month ago. Put the new battery in today, and it won't run. It starts, but will not run long - 3 to 5 sec then dies
Would replacing the module be a straight forward fix?
my mechanic said it not fuel pump
I filled up my gas tank too full I usually only keep it a quarter.
The next day it would not start replaced fuel pump fuel filter plugs wires distributor and module started up ok but when I put it in gear engine shakes rattles low-power stalls out
Ever time I drive it any in all gears
I've replaced the TPS plugs wires fuel filter fuel pressure regulator and cleaned the throttle body. It's still running horrible. Does not want to idle in the morning, it will run for about 10 seconds then die. When I finally take off it will fall on its face and back fire, even if I hold it to the floor it'll do nothing, then all at once it'll accelerate like mad then start back firing and stalling. Could it be the EGR or O2 sensor or both
I have to try & fix money but need truck
4.3 V6 automatic trans
highway mileage is bad. engine runs strong and does not use oil.
Ok here is my store. Have had the truck for 15 year. Daliy driver. Stopped driving it about a year ago. Only on the weekend. 6 months ago I put in a new starter and a new distributor due to it blowing ignition fuses. 2 month ago. I had to jump it to get to work. Got to work and it would not start again. The battery was old and not holding a charge. So it stat still for about a month. Just got a new battery but now it won't turn over. I did a tune up on it just to make sure but still won't turn over. I checked the coil and plugs for spark and it dose have spark. It has gas(half tank). I can smell and see fuel in the throttle body so fuel is getting to the injecters. But still won't turn over. It wants to but doesn't. Any ideas or area to look at. Also I do have a msd ignition on the truck.
I checkd fuses but radio want power on light on. Radio is out & no sound but the eject button if pushed makes sum kind of racket liket its getn power
Also left window not working & gauges action funy
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