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2002 GMC sierra. Time or cost to remove and install transfer case only. Without removing encoder motor
Driving on highway out of nowhere wouldn't accelerate and engine reved up. Temp was okay, pulled over notice coolant bubbling never died still starts and run just 30 mph with reved engine
A msg appeared saying the power was goinh down,tjen the a/c shut down.

Water dripping (at first) now pours from lower left and right corners of AC console (control for rear passengers). Have had sunroof & windshield drains checked - no clogs. I Read that quite a few owners of same make/model car had same issue. Turns out was leaking per bad seal of Onstar Antennae that sits right atop driver's head to the left of the sunroof (I've never used or even opened the sunroof).

I’ll be taking car in next week for diagnostic to ensure it's not a bad seal on the windshield or sunroof. Costs about $150 to diagnose and R&R the windshield. If a bad seal, may be able to fill in at leaking area but most likely will have to R&R windshield... not a big issue except the auto glass shop does not guarantee against glass breakage & then I’d be out major $$.

If not the windshield, next have to take car to another body shop and leave it to check if there’s a bad seal on sunroof. $50 initial diagnostic fee to start off with at that shop and rep states “and then we go from there.” That sounds to me like $$$. Both windshield and sunroof have been checked for clogged drains. No clogs. No glass breaks or cracks. Nothing found.

If it is a leak around the Onstar antennae, dealership quoted $600 to diagnose and replace with new unit. This seems ridiculous as I see many shark fin antennas on eBay Motors and most are under $50. There are so many different OEM shark fin option though, and I need to know whether this can be replaced with a generic shark fin antennae or must it be an OEM part? I read that Onstar was aware of the problem and provided replacement antennas. Unfortunately I don't think that's an option now as my dad cancelled the Service due to high cost and little if any use in 12 years.
The first time, the leak was just a few very slow drops, and the 2nd time a bit more...but the last 2 times pretty forceful - like turning on a faucet for a bit. Fortunately it drips (or sometimes pours) right onto the plastic center driver console where the cup holders are located so no wet carpet thus far.

Until last August I drove a 2004 Town & Country... Loved that car, but it went to salvage after my one and only accident in near 30 years! So since my mother didn’t need an extra vehicle after my father passed away in March, I bought this Denali from her for $4500. A couple weeks ago my mechanic said a customer was asking to buy my car and what was I asking? The shop tech asked if I’d take $6K. Next day he wanted to know lowest acceptable price (I just I blurted out $5,895. He then asked if I would consider $5300 with him paying for detail cleaning if I would ID and repair the water leak. I said I’d consider it but would take me awhile to get repair estimates. A local dealer offered me $3,000 (after a quick inspection and unaware of the leak) whether I buy a new/used car from them or not. I can’t figure out why this guy offered $5300 without a test drive. Did he know something I don’t?

Has anyone run across this issue with water leaking from this particular area? I’d appreciate advice on whether it’s more likely a bad seal in the Windshield or sunroof or around the Onstar antennae.

There are two other issues I’ve noticed with this vehicle but they’ve not been happening enough to warrant diagnostics. Occasionally, I’ll hear what sounds like an intermittent train whistle muffled and heard from afar- when accelerating or just driving along. Then on a rarer occasion, when I turn off the car, the floorboard under my feet continues to vibrate as though I’ve not turned off the car - no sound from the engine, however. Just how long would you think I can expect this vehicle to last before needing major repair? Is 12.5 mpg good for this vehicle? Also, I’m no a math whiz so I’d welcome opinions as to whether I should just get this current leak issue ID’d/repaired and keep this vehicle?

Thank you all in advance! I really appreciate any and all assistance.
I would like to know how often mileage wise to change the transmission fluid in my 2004 Yukon Denali. I am at 206k and I am unsure when the last time it was serviced for that.
After replacing computer and trying all re learning sequnces the security lite does not go off.
1 bulb lighting gear mode is very dim.
is bulb replaceable?
can I send the entire panel in for repair?
I tried to access the bulbs but couldn't.
The engine is a 6.0
What does the battery light mean?
look for it on the passger side no fuel filter there
what do I do to fix the problem, and what is the problem?
Being having trouble with it not starting sometimes. Checked everything then key was in ignition and the whole car locked down. Couldn't get key at of ignition so took off ignition and unlocked it. Still in lockdown and won't start.
Must move cable before starting each time. How do I find out which part number I have two options.
Could a remote car starter have anything to do with it?
It cools very well just makes a lot of noise the higher I turn it on
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