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dash lights work ,and door warningbuzz works, stereo lights up, everything still works. It cranks engine sounds like its going to start but does not. took to mechanic said keeps blowing the ig. coil fuse under dash ? when attempting to start. I cant find the fuse? they dont do electrical and couldnt help me.
I just replaced the pump n clutch .the previous one the clutch n pump were burnt
where your gauges and your gas light come on there are these other signal lights like check engine etc. well i had one light up and have no clue what it meant. if i could get a way to know what these mean i can better care for my car Is there somewhere other than my owners manual i can look?
when car sit for a while it wll crank but will not run until I spray starter fluid into the carburetor
than it runs good until it sit for a while thin I will have to repeat what I did before.
relay buzzes when it is going out, doesn't effect bright lights, does control battery charging, heater fan
how do you repair window assembly?
Every time I stop and shut off the car it won't start back up again unless I hold the gas down to the floor. I've replaced the fuel injector, distributor cap and rotor, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires. I've taken it in to multiple places to get it looked at and nobody can help me figure it out.
I'm not very mechanical, but willing to try doing it myself to save some money. prob. could also be the fuel intake tube...just not sure, but gas is visably leaking out the back end while car is running. thanks.
came on when i washed the car,then went back off,jst bought today
Why is car sputtering like it is not getting enough gas or the catalytic converter is stopped up?
Shifts great between 3rd and 4th
wondering if I need to do anything when I change this part. What do I set it at.
I have a 1997 Geo Tracker, 1.6L, automatic trans with 120K miles. The car drives very well. Except, for the last few days, once it gets warmed up, it will not idle. At this point the car will continue to drive well as long as it is moving down the road. However, it will not idle.

It normally idles when warm is 800 rpm when at operating temperature. Now when I slow down to a very low speed, or stop, the engine will continue to low rpm until it reaches 500 rpm. Then is stall. It runs well until it stalls, no roughness to it. If I am able to catch the accelerator before it dies, it'll run rough for a brief moment, then run well again.

Once it stalls, it will immediately restart if I keep the rpm to about 1K. But the problem remains until the engine cools off. A shade tree mechanic suggested it is probably the idle position sensor. But at $184 for parts, I'd like to make sure before ordering parts.

Any ideas? I'm on a limited income and have very little money to invest. I want to get it right the first time
Since it came out of the shop and the cover wasn't put back on the warning says 6 percent on oil even though it was just changed.
Happens every time it gets below 1/2 tank.
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