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my car just started overheating when I drive on the free way we replaced the water pump last year how do you find out what is causing it to overheat

would like to know the steps to take to replace a the engine

what do i need to change on my car when changing the timing belt


nead to replace my heater fan

I know abaut code 27 fot geo prizm 95

My O2 sensor on the front exhaust manafold was just replaced by my light still says that my O2 sensor is coding. I need to replace the rear one.

hello my brakes are not working good. the pedal is really low and when i try to stop fast i skid until i finally stop. when i got a oil change the guy told me that my brakes were good. i am not leaking any brake fluid. what dfo you think the problem is?

how do i remove the blower switch for the fan that is in the dash

front drivers side wheel bounces and steering wheel rotates left to right at low speeds any ansewers

im looking for door handles inside and out for my '95 geo prizm

There is oil in radiator, oil level and cap look normal.After engine is heated spilled oil produces smoke which is a scary sight but temperature gauge does not rise up. Coolant level despite added oil is down a little,I think it leaks out because overheating (Temp.gauge does not go up despite overheating due to the oil in radiator)Can Differential or transmission oil leak in to radiator.. What is this, where is this oil coming from ? Thanks.

how do you adjust the automatic trans shift cable? it wont go into any gear.its making a grinding noise. its a 1995 lsi geo prizm 1.8

what brand of antifreeze can be added that meets gm spec 1825M?

I have been put into another one some one else tried to do your self .The engine hasn,t been turned except by hand I am told ,I donot know if it is an interferance engine or not .On a 1990 GEO Storm GSI 1.6 DUAL CAM engine where are the cam and crank timing marks at and in time location

just bought a 94 prizm have a vibration that is coming from the motor.Checked all of the mounts all are good. Everything is in great working order. Thinking maybe harmonic balancer is going bad. Vibration goes away at freeway way speeds no tach so dont know what rpm. Any ideas or suggestions?

I would like to know how much it would cost to get the hood latch fixed and I need a new bracket to hold the right headlight in place. The door handle inside and out of the back right passenger door is also broken.

axels rotors brakes bearings all replaced but when car is coasting it doesnt make grinding sound but when it is pulling bad grinding sound sounds like in front middle of car and right wheel feels like calibers etc and brakes work properly.just grinds when car is pulling not

Where does the fault lies in my ignition system? Turn the key and the car always cranks strongly. Normally, the car starts readily. Once started, it always runs perfectly. The problem? About 15% of the time when I turn the key and the starter cranks, it won't start the engine (it is not a flooded engine issue). I open the door and give the vehicle a short push (standard transmission), hop in, pop the clutch and away I go. This means I always park my vehicle with the perspective that it may need a push start. Ignition control module or some other component? Thanks

when i first start my car it makes a squeaky sound from the alternator area

dose ne one know where to find a online owner manual

my 1995 geo prizm has brakes that eventually leak outbut does stop. i replaced rear wheel cylinder and it wouldnt bleed not a drop. but it still stops???? why wont it bleed lines not pinched and all others are fine???? stumped in knoxville

I put a new alternator on in October and a new battery in November, have not had any problems till this week . The battery keeps going completely dead, I put another battery in just to see if it was the new battery ,it still did it. I unhooked the alternator and the battery didn't lose its charge, I hooked back up but unpluged the pig tail in the side of the alternator, it didn't lose it charge as soon as I plugged the pigtail back in it started draining battery again. I am not sure what all is powered by the pig tail plug in, but the car runs and all the electrical lights, fans are still working. Any ideas would be appreciated.

my windsheild wipers stopped working. there was a HUGE blizzard and the car was covered in a mountain of snow and was not driven for a few days. not sure if that info is important, but am adding it in case it helps with diagnosis.

i just wanted to know where the fuel pump relay is located

how do you change rear whell barrings on a 97 geo prizm?

the car ran fine this morning, Ireversed out of the driveway,
put in drive and it quit. the marks for the timming gears appear to be correcr, after towing the car home, it started but misfired and stall whe I give it gas

Leaking rear brake DIY job or mechanic job, I have some skills.

I have a toothless timing belt on my Prizm. I got a new one and I was wondering how to replace the old one? I know a good bit about engines but this is one thing I have never dealt with. Anything would be helpful. Thanks!

I have a 1994 Prizm with a bad 1.8L engine. I hope to find a decent used engine to install... can anyone tell me what model year 1.8L engines will be compatible?