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The car turns over and runs great as long as I feed it starter fluid. I can hear the fuel pump priming so I disconnected the fuel line from the fuel rail and watched a good flow of fuel coming out while I was cranking the engine. With the key in the on position, I put a test light through the yellow wire of each injector and had constant power. The vehicle was my deceased fathers and has been sitting for a 3-4 months, There is evidence of pack rat damage in other vehicles but I have not found any damage so far in this car. My father was a mechanic and was known for jury rigging most things so it is possible he "modified" the car although not likely.
Just wondering as I'm trying to get this car inspected and was told the universal boot is bad and needs replaced to pass inspection.
We were installing the ignition control module. When putting the ignition coil back on a brown wire broke loose and we don't know where it broke loose from. The one end (with the round metal piece) was on the ignition coil and the other is just broken.
Would you be able to tell us where the other end goes?
Every time u start the car ,it cranks over and the engine fuse burns out, why though
Back in Dec.25,2015, I mentioned that I was having problems with 1994 Geo Prizm. I took it to a shop, and found out that my coolant temperature sensor, stopped working. That's why the fan wouldn't turn over like it was supposed to. Even though the fan switch works, I decided I would like to change it out the coolant temperature sensor myself to save a few dollars. Someone gave me advice on how to do it, he said to heat up car, and as it starts to cool down put a rag on the sensor and tap on it until breaks loose, and then unscrew it. Is that true, PLEASE HELP! I rather do it the correct way, and avoid costly repairs later.
I bought a battery 2 yrs ago and paid $110 for it. Two yrs later, and my car has been dead several times and needing jumped for the last six months. The garage who sold me the battery took it in, checked everything and said nothing is wrong except I don't drive it enough (spare car). With my other batteries, this was never a problem. So now he's telling me it's the starter. I just want to make sure he's not going to replace the starter and it'll let me sit again because of a bad battery.

Note: the battery has a 75-month warranty, but I'm not sure on how many amps. Would he have to replace it if it was bad? That is what makes me leery of this whole problem. I guess next I'll have the battery tested to make sure it is not bad (probably should have done that first before I called the garage).
Starts and runs fine but when you drive 1/2 block it dies and will usually restart again in neutral and park but when placed back in gear it dies again.we replaced the fuel pump and filter.
when I tried to bust loose the harmonic balance bolt I broke the old timing belt which caused the crank pulley to move a little counter clock-wise off from the camshaft that moved a little clock-wise as a result of the belt snapping into. What should I do now?
And I don't have a wire diagram , some of the diagram I found on Google are different than the other one!!
My question is if the wire that got shorted still working or if the fuse got broke??
I was driving down the road at 45 mph, and the driver side front wheel started making a Squall noise, and came to dead stop. Every time I attempted to take off it did the same thing. When I got it home and jacked it up the wheel had no problem turning. Tried the bearings but they are fine.
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