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2 week old battery after 15 minutes it started stopped at store left it running got into car then died , won't start
came on when i washed the car,then went back off,jst bought today
Why is car sputtering like it is not getting enough gas or the catalytic converter is stopped up?
how do I get it reset to green shows no new code car yr is 2001
If so were is it at?
Just had a brand new starter put in it
Shifts great between 3rd and 4th
It just quit. Though it was stalling out when we would come to corners to stop.
I am replacing the clutch on my 1994 chevy tracker. Just need a little help with how to remove the throw out bearing?
has a good battery but when i turn ignition it has no power to anything
wondering if I need to do anything when I change this part. What do I set it at.
Battery is completely dead after driving fifty miles or less. Even without lights or blower motor on. Does anyone have any real info. Had altanator and battery tested. They ate good after charging.
One of the back lights not turning on
This only happened once while I was driving and suddenly it stopped running.
trying to find #1 cylinder location
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