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I was driving down the road and it lost power. I kept driving and it regained power only to loose it again. I pulled over turned it off and it wont restart. I thought it was the timing belt replaced it . That wasn't the problem It turns over but is getting no fire at all could it be the distributor? Or could it be the timing and maybe I don't have it timed right?
I replaced the spark plugs, put on a new fuel pump and it still will not hold an idle
if i let off the gas it will restart sometimes . other times i have to stop and wate .
My speedometer works, but the gas, rpm, and the hot/cold does not? wat could this be?
before that, it would slow down even when i was pushing the gas all the way. i would let off then it would speed up a little, but slow down again. went to go up a hill and it completely shut off. tried to stat it back and nothing happened no clicking and no trying to start. my interior lights did come on though.
I know if it is not broke don't fix it. But, I bought the 94 tracker, it ran well, but a little rough. so, i put new cap, rotor, wires,and coil in it and now it sputters, idles rough for a few seconds and will not stay running. I have gone back through it putting all the old parts back in it one at a time and taking them back out with no improvement. I now wish I had left well enough alone... are there any tricks i should try? how do i check codes if it is not running?

I flipped the switch to high to blow out the heat and defrost the windows and it didnt com on. Checked the fuses, thibking its either a broken switch or a broken fan. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down or fix it?
Put a brand new fuel pump but no power going to the pump
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