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it will start and no matter if i put on the gas it wont stay running,

car died- belts came off wobbling waterpump pulley and it overheated.
starts fine

the engine feels like it wants to stall while sitting at a stop sign or while in reverse stopped waiting to get out in to the traffic also I sometimes have a bit of a jerk forward when first taking off it feels like maybe there is not enough fuel getting to the engine ..I just replaced all 4 sparks as I had a power problem I couldnt get up any speed this has been solved any help would be appreciated....

Hello, So, I have a 1994 Geo metro XFI with 47,000 original miles. It's beautiful. It is a 1.0L 3 cylinder engine.

It does have a bit of a rough idle when coming to a stop. It has a manual transmission. Say I'm coming up to a red light and have to stop a little faster than usual (or sometimes stopping normally) I downshift 4 to 3 to 2 and then into neutral.. when I get to second gear and put it into neutral, the car sputters a bit like it wants to stall, but it doesn't.. it recovers.

New on the car: new spark plugs, distributor cap, wires, air filter, oil change and filter, and hoses.. there doesn't appear to be a vacuum leak anywhere. I'm really at a loss here! Many thanks!

A mechanic told us that that's the reason he thinks it dies on acceleration.

Thank you.

clutch is out leaks fluid but i don wanna spend money on cluth if transmission is out

Not the mounting screws, just the tensioning screw.

Can the service engine light come on because of it?

problem has never occured

pulled the sparkplug wires and the number one wire was literally drowning in oil(one closest to oil fill cap) the other three were dry and seemed fine dont know if this was from an internal problem or spill from the outside inspection i would say the oil is coming from an internal source to my knowledge no oil was spilled or other from the top

vehicle was running fine then stalled and quit replaced fuel pump and filter vehicle still will not start, turns over fine does not sound like it is firing.

Replaced head gasket, flushed oil and water system. Checked daily everything ok. 5 days later oil level rose with water again .

car started skipping today. i havent tuned it up since ive owned it. will this correct the problem

i have a 1995 geo prism heres my problem when im driving it is all over the road ive replaced the half shafts along with wheel beerings at the frt of vehicle its like its not tracking right when i go over a bump in the road the rear of car feels like it wants to go all over the place and when it rains real danger to drive its hard to keep in its own lane i noticed in the back there are adjustments similar to the frt tie rod adjustments what are the specs can i adjust them 1/8 inch in or out on each wjheel

Since I let my 1996 Tracker run out of gas it now skips really bad. It may go 2-3 miles just fine but then starts skipping really bad. Could this be that trash got sucked up in it and what can I do to fix this?

when turned motor on idle fast causing to use brakes to slow down not sifting back down when needed

we replaced plugs wires cap and rotor also fuel filter but still having issues with fuel or lack of to keep car running fuel pump is kicking in like its suppose to but when it starts it runs rough then dies because it doesnt seem to be getting fuel

or axel or wheel bearing

It started with this clicking noise when I shift and then really hard to put in gear. We kept topping off master cylinder with fluid and it worked for awhile but Friday it just wouldn't move.

When you turn on the heater if blows out cold air and never gets warm

The old ignition is stuck in the lock position, according to the instructions on how to replace it that come with the new one, you should be able to push a button and the ignition ciomes out. Only problem is that the ignition needs to be in the Acc position in order to do so. And as I previously stated, it is stuck in lock. Could you please give me some advice on how to remove the old one so that I may drive my car:? I really really need it. thank you

i have a 94 geo prizm lsi and i have no spark and it turns over just wont pop off i was told it could be the coil pack but i have no idea as to when it is

what do i need to replace

We wish to have more storage in the back, as we never have passengers. We use it as a dingy behin our motor home.

mounted light switch is turned off. Must disconnect battery to get lights to go out.

as give it gas it runs bad can have petal all the way down no go power then dies

Cuts off in curves like it's not getting any fuel until I get out of the curve.

A mechanic said I dont' have to replace it right away. What would be a fair price?

Loosing water, temp. maintained with use of heater, slightly cooler while sitting at an idle. When I add water to cold engine not running I can see clearly water pouring from the bottom of the water pump I belive however it"s a bit difficult to see exactly. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly welcomed. This has me stumped.

When starts runs fine, but have to bump ignition several times to get it to start. Turns over fine. Replaced in tank pump, engine control computer, battery, but still have same problem with starting it. Any ideas?