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And I don't have a wire diagram , some of the diagram I found on Google are different than the other one!!
My question is if the wire that got shorted still working or if the fuse got broke??
especially dies at any stop if accessories like lights, wipers or heater is turned on. has new battery, alternator and a complete tune up. thanks carol
I was driving down the road at 45 mph, and the driver side front wheel started making a Squall noise, and came to dead stop. Every time I attempted to take off it did the same thing. When I got it home and jacked it up the wheel had no problem turning. Tried the bearings but they are fine.
About 2 years ago at Al's automotive, when they changed out my SOHC to a DOHC, because I had an oil gasket leak. It changed the location of the thermostat from the front area of the motor. Where the lower radiator hose goes. Now, to behind the distributor. I couldn't find a mechanic who wanted to do it for me. Probably why the exhaust manifold cracked in the first, place. And, my car began to guzzle gas up, then be fuel economy. OR IS IT JUST PLAIN TOO LATE, FOR MY LITTLE BABY!!?
It had a low knocking noise, the faster I sped up the noise got louder. It just started today Dec.25,2014. I know I need to replace my cracked manifold, and I just recently changed the spark plugs, the 2nd plug closest to the distributor was covered in oil, the 3rd one also had a little oil on it too, should be concerned?
Found a tail light parking light relay,also found one headlight relay did locate a seperate relay for high beams
90 degree bend in it?

Power at the bulbs all three wires turn on lights the middle one goes to ground turn on high beams all wires hot again is it the switch ??
I've had the starter checked out & it's good, the car turns over but won't start & sometimes it will finally start & run for about 30-60 seconds & then cut off & it won't start back
i put the car in drive and restart. this doesn't happen all the time. I would like to find out what the problem is so that i an get my car repaired.
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