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Also wouldn't back up also heard loud chung when putting in reverse
while we are driving and going around a turn and even at slow speeds it does it what would cause this it's a 2000 Ford explorer xls 4x4 4.0
The back blinkers on the passenger side ate not working. I have changed the bulb and still doesn't work. Do both back blinkers work off the same fuse?
A/c blew cold when i got it 6 mths ago but not very hard also i run out of coolant n have no leaks 2006 ford f250 king ranch super duty
Replaced fans, were bad, , now not coming on at idle or stopped, runs hot,, common problem with edge,,but no solutions yet,, possible bad temp sensor, or thermostat??? Help
Making a clunking noise at low speed could I take it out and still drive for a week until I get a new one
This is a 2002 Ford sport explorer Trac 2 door hatchback. The battery was completely drained so I got a jump. Now even after a week of driving it still acts like it doesn't want to start. It has been shaking alot exspecially with the AC on. I also prior to all this noticed the engine shaking under the hood. And when I'm diving there is like a 3 to 5 second shouder now and then I can't explain plus the lights are kinda dim what could be going on?
Is the solenoid separate from the starter? After I replaced the starter it still wasn't starting and the gas pedal was loose what do I need to do? cannot afford anything to take into shop, besides it's a very old car, 1994 Ford Tempo, just trying to fix myself if I can.
Thank you.
It runs like it is going to run out of gas.but then it takes on off.then itstarts running like it is going to run out of gas and then runs ok for afew minutes then does it again
My 2015 F-250 diesel has 47,000 miles on it and I have never had any problems. Recently the “service advancetrac” light came on. The next time I started the truck every single warning light on the dash lit up and the truck would not start. I had it towed to the dealership. They told me that it started right up for them the next day. They also said that everything on the truck was in perfect working order. Less than two months later my truck just did the same thing. Service Advanctrac light came on, then the very next time I went to start the truck it was completely dead. I would welcome any suggestions considering the last time it happened the dealership said it was fine. Thank you!

2000 ford f150 4.2 manual transmission. I couldn't shift into gear today, the clutch pedal pressure and went to the floor . Does the transmission have to come out to change the slave cylinder? The reservoir was full, then emptied within seconds and noticed a leak underneath.
Bought a used Flex from a dealer with only about 30,000 miles and have had ONE PROBLEM AFTER ANOTHER. Brakes (front and back) wheel bearings (all 4 wheels) and so on and so on. Car now has 60,000 miles. QUESTION: is there a way a mechanic can TELL IF THE MILEAGE HAS BEEN TURNED BACK? Really curious!
I have a 1999 f150 with the 5.4 liter in it. For the past few days it’s been overheating for a short time after I start and run it, but then the temperature gauge drops back down to normal operating temperature after the heat gauge gets about six to seven eighths of the way up. I talked to a buddy who said I was probably having trouble with the thermostat or air pockets. I changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator out but I’m still having problems. It’s seems to me like the thermostat won’t open the first time it needs to until it starts to overheat. There’s no leaks that I can see although I am losing coolant because if the pressure gets too high while it’s overheating the cap on my coolant tank releases some coolant out. I’m guessing to release pressure. Any advice would help. I’m taking it to a shop in 4 or 5 days but would really like to be able to fix it myself if Possible.
I just replace my air conpressor and my air still not working so thinking electric
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