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It looks like I have my brake pulled up but I don't that the light stays on like it is. The abs light comes on randomly and stays on until vehicle is cut off. Both lights randomly come on until vehicle is cut off.
and the vehicle jerks back and forth at the same time and sounds like it may cut off, then air in front gets cool again and still jerks back and forth. The gas pedal makes cracking and popping sounds as I press the gas pedal. The air in the back is always warm and never cool no matter how I have it set in the front. I thought I have had it repaired but the repair stays cool for a while then get warms again.
I think the code is p 42 or 43
This problem only occurs after the van has been sitting for a while, or first thing in the morning.
sometimes if I hit the top of the dash they will stop, however, not always and not for very long. what is
causing this? How do I fix it?
g that speed, it is felt in the gas pedal...noticed in tach and odometer rise and fall...engine?
tranny? fuel pump? fuel injectors?
I was drivin 60 it reved up all of a sudden now wont go into any gears..
You start out in second gear and manually shift into the drive gear. The car downshifts fine at a stop. No reverse unless you park on a hill. I was told that this can be repaired and does not have to be replaced. Please explain what repair is involved. I don't feel like being ripped off. I will pay the right mechanic well for his service.
When cranking it makes a loud noise and wont start. Battery is new.
I have had it replaced 2 times just this year. Three times within the last two years. What would cause it to go bad so quickly?
happens irregularly tested code P1120 came up
it started out when pushing them barly pushing it would try to put you through the windshield and jerk you while trying to stop then when I last drove it. the brakes did pedal did not want to push it and stop the van.i have changed the brake lines and the things in the back of the tire to deal with the brakes. the last few weeks before I parked it the abs and trac light came on and would not go off I do not know if that is part of it but I need help getting my van back on the road as I am a single mom of four and people keep telling me is this I change it and its not that I have put over two hundred dollars in to just the brakes. it also goes through brake fulid like I have two fill it twice a month but there is never no leaks found I had changed the brake lines. and the brake pads have to be changed before they should bcause of wear down on them. please help me I can not afford to keep putting money into the brakes and it still not working. I am a single mom and my only vechile being down does not help. ican not wait to hear back of what it is I think as long as its not to expise. thanks alot
At first it would smoke for a few minutes and then stop and run fine. Now, it does not stop emitting a dense whitish gray fog and smokes a little after you turn the engine off. It was running okay when I took it for a tuneup and when I got it back it started making a rattling noise and then chugged and stopped. After letting it cool down, I got it home and started it up the next day, it ran fine but will not stop blowing white smoke and leaving a black residue on the ground by the tailpipe.
Have replaced temp gauge and both temp sensors. Radiator cooling fan runs all the time, even when cold.
replaced isolater grommets, crank and cam position sencors, egr valve iac valve, tps sensor, maf sensor, upper and lower intake gaskets and replaced lower intake with a used lower intake. i would like to the the used lower intake didnt have the same problem as the original. any other ideas or suggestions?
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