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Checked all the under dash doors in the air system all working
It's like no freon is going into the condenser core box yet the back air blows really cold air
Had freon checked ok
Seems like a valve must be not opening for the freon to enter that cooling box ?

could my belt tensioner make loud knocking noises coming from the engine

Is there a recall in subframes on a 2003 ford windstar???

i first started it. it backfired so i tried it again . it started but now it has a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. what could this be. its not the upper intake runner.

I have the door. The problem a/c and heater was coming out the defroster vents. and windstar are good for doors braking. Sub-model is GL. / 3.8L

The gauge needles will randomly just start moving all over, sometimes flopping off the register completely. Sometimes it's all of the gauges sometimes not. I don't have the problem in the winter, just when it warms up outside. In warm weather it is a constant's good for a while then goes off again. Sometimes when I start the car sometimes later while driving.

it goes into gear just find. just start.

the first time I tried to start it . it backfired. so I tried starting it again. it started but it has a loud knocking noise coming from the engine. like something broke in the engine. what could it be. ?

My dash keeps telling me my driver,back passenger and hatch are open. they are not open. Any advise would be cool. thank you.

We put Freon in it still hot air.

Had transmission rebuilt & after 2 weeks stopped while driving, would not go into drive or reverse. Took back to repair shop could only tell me water had some how got in

It smells, I am afraid to drive it. What do I do to have that go away

Where is my VSS located I took the wrong one out of the driver side.

Had diagnostic done, results were R&R upper intake (Gaskets and isolators) clean EGR ports, replace spark plugs and spark plug wires. Cost 700.00.

Why would the Idol fluctuate ?


I have a Ford winstar 3.8L with 204k miles on it. The front pump seal was just replaced and when put back together it's grinding bad then spews transmission fluid from the transmission. The best guess is the transmission front pump went out. Now I do have a crate 2002 Ford Taurus 3.oL transmission will that work in the winstar?

2000 Ford Windstar
Running van stalls loose dash lights but the head and tail lights remain on even with key off. It turns over but won't start.

Where is it going I do not smell it burning was told the motor was replaced with a new one but I've only had it 3 months and its loosing oil somewhere just can't see where its going only knocks while in drive I can sit in park with it running and no knocking totally confused plz help