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my trans stoped pulling first the o-d light started blinking when the car got warm and I had to let off the gas so the trans would shift into drive and now it will not pull in drive 1 and 2 are fine. could it be an sensor

it tries to go into drive but it seems like it isn't fully going in when the o-d light first started blinking I had too let off the gas so the trans would go into drive

I can get up as fast as needed in regular drive but the o.d. won't kick in at all whether dropping the gear or picking up the gear and runs fine until approx. .30mph then I've gotta shift to just drive if I wanna speed up and not rev the motor and go nowhere. fluid is clean and fine

can you tell me how many hours of work is involed total

I was driving onto the freeway ramp when I heard a clink sound. In seconds I started hearing my pistons clanging away because of the lack of oil. I may have striked a rock or something. I'm not sure. All I know is that it still starts but all the oil spilled out. Can someone please give me an idea of what went wrong?

I've been hearing a strange noise when I start my car and when shifting gears but doesn't happen all the time also car stalled for the first time today and engine light came on for a while then shut off and sometimes when I start it it feels as if it don't want to stay running anyone have any advice or have the same issues an what should I do?

Was running great. Cranks fine has fuel won't start .

There is a ride control button in my 91 t bird. The struts and shocks I bought won't hook up to that. Is it ok to use them?

On occasion, a warning light E appears. the transmission seems to perform OK and the light disappears.

It will eventually start after cranking it long enough for the check engine light go off and the fuel pump fills the line with pressure. It will also start if starting fluid is squirted into the throttle plate assembly. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator, the problem still exists.

The back light and the dimmer do not work. all gauges function properly but night driving is not possible. vehicle only has 50 340 miles

started car the backed out of driveway then put it into drive,car shudders like its running out of gas , i did get back into driveway . I did hear a hissing sound and found a vacuum leak going from the pcv hose.would this cause such a problem ? also put on new fuel filter last year . I know i need new hose , but would like some more info . Its been a great car and would like to keep her running . I am old school when it comes to cars but would like to fix myself if possible . Thanks

cool drips down toward back of engine and falls to ground between engine and trans. is it time to get a shortbock, or just run it :ntill she blows?

Car feels like it skips! Is it true that this Jag engine runs too hot and will continue to blow the coil packs?

I can't figure out why the right windshield wiper won't work.. the left one works perfectly fine. I don't want too be driving in the middle of winter with only one wiper. Also I can't afford too go to a machanic. Anyone have an ideas? Thanks!