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hot and cold stays in middle.. temp sign flickers dimly
car running above normal temp.
ac won't cool
Recently replace the camshaft position sensor and the EGR valve and the canister purge valve. My gas mileage has recently increased but code 340 keeps coming up
very loud noise
had to remove the dash and i cant find what i missed to hook up dont want to pull again unless i need to passenger side air bag not in yet so can get to alot easily
I bought this car used, in daylight, had no idea instrument lights not working, back yard mechanic worked on it, said module was bad,spliced into parking wire to half ass fix, talked to Ford service he said control module not problem, replace switch,and dimmer that where I'm at !
Someone worked on this car, I found the problem in the headlight switch, but I'm not sure on how to remove the switch any help would be appreciated, thank you
I'm not sure how the switch is removed, then naturally how it's replaced,your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you .
I tried turning the key and pulling up on the trunk no results
Tach is not working all the time?
Only happens on freeway driving
Car runs hot with no interior heat
this problem started two weeks ago.
hasent beed started in a while
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