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need economical smog related diagnostic foa my 1992 FORD THUNDERBIRD

what my car is doing:
HARD TO START(sometimes have to hold key over for 10sec before it finally starts.
RUNS ROUGH.( punched hole thru catalytic converter.
i have replaced the o2 sensors myself, put in new plugs and wires, new maf sensor, check pcv valve myself . most recent i put in new egr valve. My car is pulling a p402 code. had someone check to make sure its opening and shutting. i read somewhere that the hoses coming off egr valve could be plugged. just not sure how to do this myself. i realize my issue could be a number of things like TPS SENSOR,KS,CPS,MAP SENSOR, FUEL INJEC DIRTY OR STICKING, CAT CON, O2, BAD PUMP(which i dont know how to check and most recently someone told me maybe its incorrect timing.
I JUST DONT KNOW WHERE TO START. YES I AM A GIRL. PLEASE HELP oh ya it does sound fuel related when lack of power going up hill. I also live on top of a hill.

My window is off track and I think the track that controls the window is bent.h ow much does one cost.

low beam light does not work but high beam does on pass side

high beam works low beam don't

very good condition. Body is almost perfect. Has new timing belt,water pump,plugs,fuel pump,tires. there is no info on repair pal for this vehicle as to problems... Thanks

The part I need is an arm about 6 inches or less with a silver pin on one end.

No smoke from exhaust,no fluid leaks at all,runs fine ,new wtr pump,therm,hoses,clamps,rad tested ok ,new rad cap. so why does it still get hot after 30 + min of driving .intake does not leak and eng vac-comprssn test is gd all 6 cyl.

I was driving in the rain and my car hit a curb after the tire locked up. i cracked the alloy rim so i got another. i took it to my mechanic teacher he checked it out and said nothing was broken or bent but the back passenger side is super positive camber

How do you get the light bulb under the reverse light off

I have recently began working on the car myself since I spent close to 2k on fixing the car already. I have replaced both ECT and CHT sensors, bought a new fan and still it does not come on by itself. Could it be a fuse in the control module box, or the sensor connectors? If it's the fuse, where do I put the fuse because I don't have the owners manual and I can't find it online. Thank you for your help in advance.

As soon as it reaches normal temp. It cuts out and won't start until it cools down
-new radiator, coil packs,

So I got my Thunderbird a little while ago. I noticed it has a delayed starting problem.
You will hear the fuel pump turn on along with the fan. The fuel pump can turn off but until one of the fan turns off the car will not start.
As the weather gets colder it takes longer to start. Such as this summer at about 70 degrees it only took 5 minutes. If I had turned it on earlier that day it only took 2-3.
However now that the temperature has dropped to 17 degrees it takes forever to start. For example I went out this morning and turned the key on expecting my normal 30-45 minute delay. However after an 1 hour and 15 minutes the fan still did not turn off so I could not start the car. I ended up turning the key off and finding another ride because of my car.
What could be wrong with my car? I was told it might be something like a fan relay box.
Also I have replaced all of the fuel line items with new ones. Such as the fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, fuel pump, etc. with brand new parts and it is holding pressure.

New door pins internal lights turn off when pins are manually pressed

where can I buy revised ignition coils for 2005 tbird 50th anniversart

it's like something is getting hot and kicking off

Spark plugs been changed. Fuel injectors cleaned. Using premium gas. Tried sea foam.

Where on the manifold is the sensor located?

My battery died a while back, ever since I have problems with the way it runs. The computer was reset when the battery was first it was the check engine light then the wrench. I went to my mechanic he set the computer codes that were off it runs good for a while then I go start it and it runs likes I said husband thinks its the coils and plugs this car has 44.700 miles on it.I think its something to do with emissions.

While driving down road, rpms start to drop, car feels bogged down but doesn't die. Radiator is super hot. Any ideas what this could be. Intake Manifold has already been checked out.