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Will be replacing the PCV valve & fuel filter shortly. Any other hints.
Where is the drain plug to my radiator on my 88 t-bird, and can I use just anti freeze to feel the radiator or do I need to mix it with some water
I have what sounds like tire noise, but it's only during acceloration and I don't hear it when coasting could this be a transmission problem or something to do with the differential?
oil leak is in the front of the engine. in the area of the oil pump can't really pinpoint it its dripping from a cross member front portion of engine drivers side.
the top bolt that you can see how can I get to it
This is scary when this happens. No matter how hard you push the brake, the engine races. I have to shut the key off and start again to stop this. What can possibly cause this?
Car runs fine are there any test I can do myself?
Car has only 49k miles on her. Just had a tranny job! Got her back and nothing but problems. Having intermittent electrical issues with doors... I can't shut them. Figured out it has to do with windows. If they stop operating in the up position they can't do the auto down/up thing that happens when the door shuts normally and prevents closing. If I leave the window slightly down then door will shut even if electrical is acting up and windows won't move but at least I can drive it. Problem is weather for that trick. Also when windows are acting up, the trunk release on the door won't work, the window switch is useless, the headlights and high beams won't work but the side and back lights do. Definitely a problem with days getting shorter. Sometimes when this is happening my oil light comes on the dash and sometimes it doesn't. When the door won't close sometimes the open door light comes on and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes flipping the door lock switch back and forth several times and ending in the locked position will allow me to get the door to close when the window is all the way up but sometimes this trick doesn't work. Sometimes turning the car on and off several times will reset things temporarily so everything works but sometimes this trick fails. And when the car is the worst I'll try to bring it to the shop the next morning and when I start it up everything works perfectly!!! I'm going crazy. The mechanic who did the transmission work says he checked everything including the ground wires and couldn't find a problem. When I picked it up from him everything worked perfectly for a few weeks and I thought he must've tightened whatever was loose while looking for the problem, but then suddenly the problems started again. I'm terrified that this will be a lengthy expensive diagnosis and repair with another shop. Could this be an alternator/ battery issue? Could it be the electronic module is loose or corroded? Yes, I've been reading... I love my car and want to keep it but the problems started a month after the extended warranty expired and haven't stopped. I'm getting soaked with all the repairs. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions and an idea of what this should all cost to remedy? Thanks so much!
~Exasperated in Van Nuys
need stter wire from ignition
With out it stopping and completely shutting off. It has no problem restarting its just were. I thought maybe a cable or something idk can anyone help!!!??
Put in park and top wont come up, what to try next the cer is a 1964
the car came with a chip you have to plug into the car where you plug in a obd sensor or it will not start. can this be bypassed
The idle won't come down and it will drive 45mph without touching the gas
Had car in to dealership twice. Problem doesn't occur while there. Cools fine. Every now & then it starts blowing hot air out of one side while blowing cold out of other side (dual climatrol). Sometimes it will be the right side & sometimes the left. Temperature setting both @ 70. Saw that there have been other similar complaints list on the Internet, (3) but no solutions found. Always happens on a hot, 80+ day.
Hissing mostly occurs when accelerating.
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