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My car won't start.It is a fuel problem and we've narrowed it down to the crankshaft sensor.I want to test the sensor before replacing it.Can someone tell me how to go about it?
It will crank after about 20 minute if sitting
the oil is leaking mildly directly under engine block.
now I am being told the heater control valve assy is needing replaced
OK so the high beams in my moms car won't come on.. I checked all the fuses and she says the lights are new.. You can turn the lights on and everything is fine but when you turn the high beams on there is no lights at all.. She is fixing to take a long road trip and I need to fix this for her.. Help please!?
Firm ride light started flashing and my steering got extremely tight. I've never had the firm ride on so I don't know if that's how its supposed to feel. But after it came on the car would pull left and then went away. Now when I turn hard like to turn in my drive way there was a clunk in the steering wheel. The anti lock break light is also on constantly. Its a joy to drive when working properly but lately its become a money pit
A mechanic said he adds 1 qt. of 20/50 to 10/40 when he changes oil. I asked about the "no Zink" in the new oil not good for older engines. I've used 10/40 for many years, now. Do you think this is a good idea?
Yesterday, going about 50 mph, pulled out to pass and engaged passing gear. Engine immediately stumbled and amber wrench warning light came on. Got home on partial power with engine stumbling badly and could not get past about 40 MPH. An hour later, problem gone. This never happened before. My T-Bird is well maintained and has 47,000 miles. Was this the coil problem, or something else?
no room do I need a small person ????
My car won't DEQ because the computer is not in the drive cycle.
I had a slow leak and they indicated it was the power steering O-Rings, then the new O-Rings were faulty, then it was not the O-Rings, but the power steering hose, now they damaged my pulley - DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING??? I took my car to the Ford Dealer because I felt they had knowledge on my car, now I am having second thoughts. I really feel they caused leak because the problem occurred after they changed my fluids in my car and replaced a sensor, which took 7 hours (for a sensor, really).
And the control panel is leaking anti-freeze
Dealer says module is bad and needs replacement. No units are available at Ford or anywhere else. What are my alternatives short of junking a great car with only 45,000 miles?
Will be replacing the PCV valve & fuel filter shortly. Any other hints.
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