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I have replaced the thermastat and water pump, the car is overheating when driving. It does not over heat when idling, checked hoses, and replaced antifreeze. Fans are working.

It Starded yesterday. I took the belt off. And it still knocks. My friend Say it may be the timing chain guide rail. The car drive and take off good. No smoke. Just noisy. Check engine light comes on and off. What can it be?

When driving the RPM will increase 200 to 500 RPM, the car does not accelerate, feels sluggish and then within seconds returns to normal operation. This happens only once in a while and there are no problems with shifting as I accelerate from a stop.

I don't think this is 3rd gen, i got a oem replacement hub, do I need to pull off the tie rod to replace the wheel bearing?

my car shut off while i was driving it. i took it to a garage and they changed the fuel pump. it ran for about a day and then shut off again. i took it back and the said it was the module. now it keeps burning them out. the guy said my computer is broken, but he doesnt want to spend the time to look for it. can anyone tell me where the computer is located in a '95 ford taurus or if there is something else i should check first?


i'm trying to recherge the a/c unit and i think i'm looking in the wrong area for the connection.

its coming for the rear driver tire

how to I fix recall no. bc0091960102

about a couple of days ago the Low coolent light came on so we added coolent well as we were driving around town the car started to show on the temp gage Hot and we pulled over and let it cool down doing this few times till we made it home safely with the car we heard sounds like burping in the lines so we figured lets let the car run as we added more coolent we realized that it was pooring coolent out of our resavore container and again the bubble sounds well we let the car sit and pumped the hoses to help push coolent through and the gauge was reading normal now when we took it for a test drive around the Block it immediately ran hot help how can we get the air out of the lines and are we doing this right? ps forgot to mention we have a 97 ford taurus

i cant take my car out of gear unless i do so before i start the car otherwise the shifter stays locked what causes this?

why when I turn the key it cranks like normal but will not start

have a 97 tarus caar had bad plugs water boils out of cooling bottle .water pumps has been replaced. cars runs but water coming out of tail pipe. is thus a freze plug problem

I recently replaced the thermostat and the heater core in the 98 Taurus. However, it overheats to the point that water starts boiling out of the reservoir. What are your thoughts on what might be going on? The heat gauge shows the coolant temp to be normal.

The car has a vibration makes a rumbling noise as the car goes faster. I believe the noise is coming from the front left drive shaft. Any ideas if that is the problem. A while back I had the front struts replaced. The noise and vibration started after that.

Car over heated - just once. cam gear synchronizer chirping.

my bearing is gone out and i need to change them but i am new to this promble

what does a fuel comp error mean in a 2004 ford taurus

My car is making a loud grinding noise I was told it was my ac compressor, Can I do without it?

I have a 1993 Ford Taurus. 3.0 V6 engine. In 2008 I drove it from Northern Maine to Norfolk, Virginia (997 miles). For the year I was in Norfolk I had no troubles with the car. A month before I was supposed to return to Maine my machanic gave it a clean bill of health. He checked all the fluids.

I chose not to drive it back to Maine so I parked it at my sister's for 10 months. It was not driven during that time. It was started only twice. Last week it was driven out of the garage. The brake pads made a screetching sound. Then the brakes failed all together, they are spongy all the way to the floor. Break light stays on. I thought it needed brake fluid so I put some in. Car was started and ran a few minutes. I noticed brake fluid spewing out the bottom of the engine and spraying toward the inside of the left front tire. Even with this spewing of fluid, the fluid level in the plastic container did not go down. (As if the fluid was not making it to the brake system.)

Please advise as to what to do now

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus station wagon and once in awhile the wipers will come on a couple of times while driving and then go off. Strange! Has anyone else had that problem and if so how was it resolved.

My fan does not blow at any speed. When air conditioning is on, I can feel cool air, but no fan. Service station said $175 for the motor and about $150 for resister if needed. That's a good price for the motor, but high for the resister. I have a feeling they will tell me I need both even though I don't think I need the resister. They would likely say they replaced the motor and now need to replace the resister. Would it be crazy for me to ask to see how well the blower works before they replace the resister?

I was towing my vehicle from the front end and somehow the ac hose got caught and busted and the refridgerent leaked out. Can someone please tell me how to replace this hose and is their certain parts you need to take off in order to change the hose.

just happen for the first time it clicked when i cranked it

This car has started to make loud screech noise when starting. When it does this it does not start, so I turn the key off and try again, then it will start right up without the noise. What part should I get checked? Its real low mileage under 80,000.

I am looking at a 1993 Ford Taurus that has 60,000 miles the body and interior are in real good condition, the guy want $2800.00 for this car he has all the maintence record so it has been well maintained. Is this price to high and what can you tell me about this year car with low mileage?

stays smoking and i have change motor oil and filter and spurg plugs it hasn"t run for over a year but it run"s good and the motor sounds good it has a check engine light on

about 5 miles from home, my car died in an intersection and would only click when i turned the key. battery is less than a year old. got it towed home, charged the battery and put a multi tester on it. when i started the car it was at 13, turned on the lights and it dropped. changed the voltage regulator and alternator and it still drains the battery without re-charging it. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? PLEASE HELP. car only has 78,000 miles on it. i bought it from a widow who had not driven very much after her husband died

got a 1999 Taurus 3.0L DOHC and the shaft behind the harmonic pulley(crank pulley) broke.
I got the harmonic pulley and bracket off and had to grind the shaft down to the to the damper pulley where there is a nut.
I used a 3/4 breaker bar and 6' pipe to try and unthread the shaft from the center of the damper counterclock wise but it won't move. Does anyone know if the thread are left or right thread in the center of the damper pulley? Everything online says there right thread and to unthread go counterclock wise.At my wits end, if you have a diagram, it would be great! Thanks

how long to replace belt tensioner