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Problem occurs occasionally. Maybe more often after it sits for a day or two without starting engine. What is the repair cost of replacing a fuel pump?
This is the first occurence.
motor will not run when switch is turned on. Would like to have a drawing to explain.
My car shut off while I was driving up hill to my house. It has power still just wont turn on. The weird thing is it blew a 10v fuse under the hood. We replaced the fuse and it started and then blew it again and died. Now it just wont start.
We have replaced the ignition module cap and plugs, distributor, coil, brain box. We can here the fule pump turn on. Its something electrical and we cant find the relays for it.

Any ideas????
the rpms go all the way down thats when it turns off and wont stay on and now i am getting a smell coming from under the drivers side door.dont know what it is?
and the next day I got new plug/clip put on alternator and the battery light still flashing
When I first start it, it idles rough and when it warms up, it still idles rough but not as rough as when I start it. When driving it, it runs perfect and still gets good gas mileage. I have replaced the MAF sensor. I have checked for vacuum leaks but cannot detect any. Any help will be appreciated. Bob
Its stating pad lamp inoperative. What is a pad lamp?
I had the camshaft synchronizer replaced due to a chirping sound coming from that location; however, the sound has returned. My thought is that the oil pump isn't working properly thereby, not distributing the oil to that location. Is that a possibility or is it something else?
I pulled on outside back door handles and they have to tension they will not open how do i replace them?
checked all of the fuses, ok. fuel pump switch in trunk is on.
Approximately 2 times a week when I start my car the theft light blinks rapidly for 30 seconds or so then blinks at a slower pace for a minute or so then goes off completely. The car is starting fine with no problems so I assume the chip in my key is being recognized. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this to happen on an irregular basis and how it can be corrected?
Just stop blowing cold air. Been working fine til now. Not making any noise etc. No cool air.
what makes it scrub when you turn the steering wheel
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