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Rebuilt transmission in 2014
It makes a chattering noise when the door is opened and even when the car is shut off.Radio works ok.
My 2006 taurus passenger front window won't roll up. And my radio won't come on either
I didn't turn the key all the way off and the battery ran down. Now it will not jump off but the dash lights and radio will come on but will not crank
I noticed my oil light kept coming on in my Taurus every time my car is not moving but when I'm driving it goes off. Last night I noticed my brake light came on. I have had the tensioner pulley and another pulley that sits directly above it replaced. I've also replaced the serpentine belt. After I replaced the upper pulley the light stop coming on and then started back again. While I was driving the belt tore to shreds and luckily I made it to an auto part store. They said it sounded like it was my tensioner pulley so I replaced it and unfortunately they gave me a belt that was too small and they were closed when I found this out. So I put my old belt back on because it looked fine and I needed to get home which is the next town over. Now I've noticed my oil light is brighter now when I'm sitting at a light but my car doesn't need oil. Last night while I was driving I noticed my brake light came on and went back off. I checked to see if my e brake was on but it wasn't. So I'm trying to figure out why this is happening. Thank you in advance.
I crank the car three times in a row it ran perfectly come home turned it off went to crank it all indications come on that is going to crying but it won't crank I have tried resetting it and I have put in a new starter relay help
car was running well when key was lost replaced ignition cylinder need to know how to disable or reset system
ima trying to install an amp n subwoofer in my keep having trouble with what the right plug is.
Blows normally otherwise
Only my top blows air.
Ac bypass serpentine belt...will bypassing ac compressor prevent defrost and heating?
We just replaced our water pump, but found when we poured water in top to check for leaks that water flows out of hole on bottom, backside of timing chain cover (toward engine). No one seems to know if there is supposed to be a hole there.
HELP!!! MY 98 ford tarus runs fine all winter but when the weather is hot and i run the airconditioning after 20 minutes it stalls i restart it it loads up and stalls then after a few tries it wont start at all just cranks over. I had a dianostic test it gave a code P0401 insufficient EGR flow detected i have checked the EGR its fine i replace the following , fuel pump , crank sensor , coolant sensor DPFE sensor. Anyone know what is causing this problem???
Top and bottom location
I'm trying to replace the upper heater hose in my 95 Taurus and I can not get the clamps off any advice??
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