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My turn signal light to go left started blinking rapidly. Also the light for it inside stays on. And the bulb in front does not flash. What could be wrong? It's only with the left turn signal the right side blinks just fine.
looking for how many hours it will take to replace transmission
O2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 isn't working. Wanting to know where would it be located
I had my engine coil replaced and my tune up did and it still run sluggish
the car will start but dies immediately unless i push the gas. after it warms up it will idle real low at 500 rpms. Even though it will stay idiling in park, but it will stall during driving if im under 30mph and not applying gas
We changed the fuel filter last night after it was run out of gas. It runs but still wants to stall out so I am trying to check what else might be making it stall
I am trying to change the fuel filter on my 2004 ford taurus & wanted to know which side its located on
The transaxe light blinks when I start my car and continues to blink until I start driving, at that point it goes out. What could be causing it? Also my dash lights do not work. All exterior lights work. When I turn my lights on the blinker lights turn on continuous. No bulbs are burnt out because the check engine light is on and the transaxe light blinks and the blinkers blink when I have them on.
replace syco. cam sensor, replace fuel filter, replace mass airflow sensor
Whole front end new. Car just stopped running so i had a pcm. Flashed to my car put it in and woulndt start had my keys flashed to the car still wont start. Help
Lights on dash were fine. The car was running & the passenger door was open for @ 10 minutes, afterwards the dash was very dim. I turned the car off & restarted but no difference. Also I noticed a noise when I was brightening/dimming the headlights.
I want to replace the fuse for the auxiliary plug under the cigarette lighter to see if I can then use a small blower/heater. It is a 12 volt.
Was working fine stop at store 10 mins when put in reverse would not engage either direction
I have the coil and wires replaced the vehicle is still sputtering and having misfire
put in a new thermostat. when it idles the temp hand goes up to normal.
when i drive it falls back down to cold. The heater blows cold air out on defrost and warm air out on the floor. I do not know what is wrong with my heater.
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